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Language Games for Children

Language Games for Children by Sophia McMillan (Shane Training Centre, Japan) Stand up/Sit Down: Young children enjoy this simple game. Give a command and the children respond as quickly as possible. Then give the wrong command i.e. stand up when … Continue reading

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Language Games for Adults

Language Games for Adults by Sophia McMillan (Shane Training Centre, Japan) Save Whatsit: “Whatsit” uses verbs or nouns. Have one learner sit with their back to the board and another learner writes or draws a mystery word they all know … Continue reading

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Quick and Simple Writing Activities by Sophia McMillan (Shane Training Centre, Japan) Save Writing is a complex process that encourages thinking and learning. Once learners realize that writing is a process that does not have to be right first time … Continue reading

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Spoken Discourse Analysis in the Classroom

Spoken Discourse Analysis in the Classroom by Sophia McMillan (Tokyo, Japan) Shane Training Centre, Japan Save Shane Training Centre, Japan It can be said that a lot of what happens during the lesson in the act of teaching is unknown … Continue reading

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Online Teaching Jobs

Teach ESL and other subjects online! — A rewarding job with a flexible schedule Requirements: – High level of English Proficiency – College graduates or currently enrolled college students – Enjoy working with Children at 5 – 12 yrs – … Continue reading

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