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Burnt Out?

Some teachers get what I would call burn out once a semester, It usually hits in the 3rd month of the university term.  In my case, usually I am bored with what I am teaching because I have done it … Continue reading

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Error Correction & Classroom Management

Error Correction * Error – a result of faulty past learning, or attempting what is not yet or only incompletely learnt * Mistake – a performance problem; the learner knows the correct version and may well correct themselves when prompted … Continue reading

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Classroom Safety

In teaching, and especially in teaching young learners, classroom safety should be our number 1 priority. Parents are entrusting us with their children and expect them to be safe and taken care of. As professionals dealing with children, any classroom … Continue reading

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How to get off your GERD meds?

How to get off your GERD meds? If you have been scared about some of the side effects of some of the GERD meds here are some tips: -elevate the head of your bed -loosing weight will help -cut down … Continue reading

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