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Natural Remedies for OCD

Natural Remedies for OCD   by Kevin R Burns When thinking of natural remedies for OCD, one of the most simple, common sense, and probably so obvious that most people miss it, is simply taking good care of yourself. Making … Continue reading

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Love is all you Need

Love is all you Need by Susan Tuck (USA) “Transcending labels that you’ve placed on yourself or that others have placed upon you opens you up to the opportunity of soaring in the now in any way you desire.” – … Continue reading

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A Transcendental Solution

A Transcendental Solution by Kevin R. Burns (Kanagawa, Japan) I thought this was a great quote from the famous Dan Millman. To me it sums up mindfulness–being aware of the mind but not taking seriously the endless chatter that comes … Continue reading

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Are We Spirit & Live Forever?

Are We Spirit & Live Forever? by Kevin R Burns (Kanagawa, Japan) Or When We Die, Do the Little Buggies Eat Us? “Hello, I’d like to connect with my higher self.” “Is this a collect call sir?” “Yes.” “Okay, I’ll … Continue reading

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Synchronicity and all that Stuff

Synchronicity and all that Stuff by Kevin R Burns (Kanagawa, Japan) ” I’m convinced God put me here to accomplish a certain number of things; right now, I’m so far behind I’ll never die.” –Petya Lowe, Circle of Light Synchronicity … Continue reading

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Awesome Aerobics

Awesome Aerobics by Tom Anderson (Kanagawa, Japan) Anderson’s Anecdotes: A Strange Foreigner’s Adventures in Japan Awesome Aerobics Whether people like it or not, it is extremely important to eat sensibly and have regular exercise. Some people enjoy team sports such … Continue reading

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Tai Chi for Beginners

Tai Chi for Beginners Tai Chi for Beginners, some simple steps to learn how to do it,and how to enhance your chi. What is Tai Chi? It is a martial art that will enhance your mind and body. It increases … Continue reading

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