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Analysing Language

  Analysing Language    False Beginners and Japanese Methods of Teaching Grammar ∗ Despite at least three years in Junior High School, three years in High School & the possibility of two-four years at university, many learners still have real problems using English ∗ Although more communicative methods are becoming … Continue reading

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Homework Correction

Homework Correction by Sophia McMillan (Shane Training Centre, Japan) These are just a few ideas of how to make whole-class correction of homework more of an active challenge. • Give learners a chance to compare their answers in pairs. They … Continue reading

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Spoken Discourse Analysis in the Classroom

Spoken Discourse Analysis in the Classroom by Sophia McMillan (Tokyo, Japan) Shane Training Centre, Japan Save Shane Training Centre, Japan It can be said that a lot of what happens during the lesson in the act of teaching is unknown … Continue reading

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Teaching Teens: Motivation & Personalisation

Teaching Teens: Motivation & Personalisation by Sophia McMillan (Shane Training Centre, Japan) Motivation is the reason/s for doing something, factors which make us keen to do something. These reasons can be individual and personal or come from external sources. If … Continue reading

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