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Warmers are great because they are fun and communicative, they should take around five minutes, be very simple to set up and a good way to review or practise language. Learners typically need a little ‘warming up’ at the start … Continue reading

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Using Settlers of Catan in a Business English Class

JALTCALL Settlers of Catan Rules in Japanese

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A Good Workout for Teachers over 40

Here’s a good workout my friend, another teacher recommended. Men over 40 Workout

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Using Google Drive for Online Teaching

If you are planning to use Google Drive for Online teaching: If you were going to do audio how would you do it? Have the files on Google Drive and give them the link on the LMS? That’s how I … Continue reading

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Online Teaching-Business Result Pre-Intermediate

Are you teaching Business Result Pre-Intermediate and worried students may somehow lose their CDs or some other computer problems? Here is the audio for 2nd edition Business Result Pre-Intermediate Audio There are more materials for students at Oxford Learn. Business … Continue reading

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Zoom Tips

How to play audio for your students using Zoom. Play audio with Zoom

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English Firsthand Series Online

If you are doing Emergency Online Teaching or Teaching Online, EF has materials available at their website. EF Online for Students There are additional resources available for Students at the following link: English Firsthand Additional Materials for Students Tips for … Continue reading

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ETJ Expo!

The Tokyo ETJ English Language Teaching Expo Saturday/Sunday February 22/23 (9:00-6:00) Otsuma Women’s University, Tokyo THE event for English language teachers (and future teachers) • Presentations by authors, local teachers . . .  on a wide range of topics for … Continue reading

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Move over Question Quest

Move over Question Quest because now there’s a sequel. Question Quest, if you’ve ever played it with your students, you will know it was great! Now Question has a sequel: Crystal Hunters. Crystal Hunters Kevin’s English Schools, the Canadian Schools … Continue reading

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Using Storybooks in the Classroom

Shane Training Centre Using Storybooks In The Classroom Using Storybooks in the Classroom   Why Use Storybooks in the Classroom? Storybooks should be used in a young learner classes in three main ways: 1) Reading for pleasure and enjoyment: this … Continue reading

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