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Teaching Vocabulary

Vocabulary is: All words make up our vocabulary. All languages have words. Words come in different forms and perform different jobs. Each language will have rules over how words can change, which words work with which, how words sound. by … Continue reading

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6 Keio Students arrested for Gang Rape & Other Stories 

TOKYO The Japan Today news story follows below: By Jonathan Barlow The soap opera that is Keio continues. I taught at Keio High School in Fujisawa and some of my students had committed crimes as well. One was hanging out … Continue reading

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On Using Boardgames in the Classroom

  Sophia McMillan discusses the use of board games in the classroom.   Read More

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Do you have Hip Pain English Teacher?

If you are in your 50s, and you are a teacher, the chances are you experience back and hip pain from time to time, or even everyday.   But you are a teacher, someone born to teach.  So you soldier … Continue reading

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Prostate Cancer does not Care about What Kind of Teacher you Are

If you are a man, and nothing else kills you, prostate cancer will. Prostate cancer is not sexy or cute to talk about, as some other issues are. So perhaps because of that it doesn’t get much coverage. But prostate … Continue reading

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Volunteer for the Peace Boat!

Volunteer for the Peace Boat and see the world for free! Or pay and have a fantastic trip! Something I want to do!  I have heard from many that it is a fantastic experience! Read More   One of the … Continue reading

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Be Careful of Scribd!

Be Careful of Scribd! There are Criminals lurking at Scribd! Scribd is an online content provider that has recently been caught stealing the online content of educational websites. Read More Stealing online is the same as stealing from someone in … Continue reading

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