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Sensei are you feeling bloated?

Sensei are you feeling bloated? Stop belly bloat with these helpful natural remedies. Stop Belly Bloat Advertisements

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Yoga Poses for Lower Back and hip Pain

9 yoga poses for lower back and hip pain 9 Yoga Poses

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Are you an Overweight Teacher?

I am, and this is the year I lose the gut! I want to lose ten kilograms this year. Here are some tips from the New York times about how to cut down on your sugar intake.

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7 Foods for Aging Gracefully

Aging gracefully should be a healthy goal for everyone: accepting and embracing what time and experience brings us, while actively working to prevent and minimize the health concerns that naturally come with aging. In addition to regular exercise and proper … Continue reading

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Culture Shock & English Teachers in Japan

Culture Shock & English Teachers in Japan This article, when it was first published, generated a lot of controversy. It made many non-Japanese, living in Japan angry. But I think these, were the people that needed to read these words … Continue reading

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PJ Nichols has Published his novel, Puzzled

An exciting announcement from P.J. Nichols (Most of you probably know me as Peter/Pete/Petey): I have published my first novel! The book title is “Puzzled” – it’s a cool adventure story about a group of junior high school kids. (While … Continue reading

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The Teacher`s Room

The Teachers’ Room Exploring the Art of Teaching & Enhancing Classroom Practice Meet like-minded teachers from around the globe Ask meaningful questions about learning and teaching Share classroom ideas, experiences, and research Help one another grow professionally and personally Since … Continue reading

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