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Down to earth advice on How to Teach English in Japan

“Finally a site that is `POSITIVE` about
teaching English in Japan!”

How to Teach English in Japan

My name is Kevin R. Burns and I have taught English in Japan since 1989. I love it! Japan is a great place to live and raise a family in many, many ways. We own a small chain of English schools with branches in Machida, and in Minamiashigarashi, near Odawara, Kanagawa.

(Pictured: Our Canadian Guest House and English School near Hakone, the house was imported from Cloverdale, BC)

My wife Ikumi, teaches at a junior high school. I teach English at Kevin`s English Schools (my wife chose the name), and at Tokai University.

All articles here are by me, unless otherwise stated.

Note: No Canadians were harmed in the making of this website……

Well, maybe Bob, but he deserved it. He really did.

Previously I have taught at Nunoike/St, Mary`s College in Nagoya, ECC, The YMCA, The Cultural Homestay Institute, and Keio SFC.

If you have something you`d like to say about living in Japan, teaching in Japan or traveling Japan, send us your article! Email: kevinsenglishschools@hotmail.com As well we need: lesson plans, course designs, and teaching activities that work for you.

We imported all the materials and fixtures for this house from Canada. It came pre-cut and was then built in our town in Japan.


(Pictured: The first Kevin`s English School opened in 1991. I still teach English here.)

Teach English in Japan – My Story

I had done some ESL teaching in Vancouver, and in my twenties my brother encouraged me to think of teaching on the Jet Program or otherwise working as a TEFL teacher in Japan. I wondered though about how to get a working visa for Japan, about Japanese apartments, and how to find a good English school here. I read as much as I could and had to buy many books back then. I wished there had been a site like mine in 1989.

I told my friends and family in Canada I would open an English school in Japan,….they laughed. I told my father I would go to Japan, and if I stayed I would open a school. His response was:

“Are you crazy!?”

We opened our first school in 1991 and it grew to 125 students within about 10 months. I was forced to hire two part-timers to teach everyone! We opened our second school two years later. Sometimes you have to go against the grain to do what you were meant to do.

I have taught all levels and ages from kindergarten on up! Each level and age group is different of course and requires different skills.

If you are interested in teaching English in Japan, learn from my hard-won experience. At this site I will guide you through the process of becoming an EFL teacher in this very exotic part of Asia. I will tell you which qualifications you need, how to get a good job, and about how to avoid some of the pitfalls that can befall a new teacher here.

Learn from the collective knowledge of my wife, myself and all of my friends and colleagues who also teach in Japan!

You too can share your Teach English in Japan, stories.


(Pictured below – Our home in Kawasaki)


We have an English school in this house too of course!

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