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Authentic Materials

Shane Training Centre Authentic Materials Using Authentic Materials   Authentic material is any material in English that was not created for use in the English language classroom. It includes not just newspaper or magazine articles but also songs, TV shows, movies, … Continue reading

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You Can Learn English

At times it seems that so many university students in Japan feel they cannot learn English. They slowly walk in, they sit down, and they lethargically open their textbook when the teacher asks. Learning English is perhaps akin to a … Continue reading

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JALT Announcements

As the end of one year comes to an end and another is set to begin, we would like to send our holiday greetings to our many Monthly Announcements readers around the world. We wish all of you a happy, … Continue reading

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Trying to Lose Weight?

Advice of recent research in this fall’s Molecular Metabolism journal shows the appetite suppressing effects of the amino acids lysine and arginine. It was a study done in mice, but even if the effect does not translate fully in humans, it is … Continue reading

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Activities Ideas for Teen Classes

Activities Ideas for Teen Classes  By Sophia McMillan Cube Toss: In pairs learners are given a basic die template and asked to write their favourite: sport, movie, singer, food, drink, etc. Once their die has been constructed give each pair a … Continue reading

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Hans Jansen Lecture on Formatting Games for Different Levels

On Sunday October 21, I will be doing two LMQ workshops at “englishbooks.jp Education Day for ELT Teachers” in Shinjuku, Tokyo. (10:30 Room B and 14:00 Room E) We will be focussing on adjusting the games to various level students. … Continue reading

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Teaching English TEFL

Teaching English TEFL Teaching English TEFL, indeed the Grammar Translation Method doesn`t work, unless perhaps you are trying to teach translators, but not teach people to speak English or any language for that matter. by Kevin Burns Grammar Translation Method … Continue reading

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TEFL Scams

TEFL Scams, I have never experienced one. Though I have heard of some. Have you? Japan in general, is a very safe country to work and live in. So scams at work are few in general. Caveat: as a nation, … Continue reading

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JACET: Japan Association of College English Teachers

JACET: The Japan Association of College English Teachers The primary objectives of JACET today are consistent with those of the past: the development of English language education in Japan. JACET also offers its members opportunities to exchange information on topics … Continue reading

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TEFL Activities

TEFL Activities The Vet’s View (Veteran Teacher, not Animal Doctor) TEFL Activities – Exit Slips by Thomas C. Anderson Most colleges and universities do an end of term survey in which students comment on what was good in their classes … Continue reading

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