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Warmers are great because they are fun and communicative, they should take around five minutes, be very simple to set up and a good way to review or practise language. Learners typically need a little ‘warming up’ at the start … Continue reading

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A Good Workout for Teachers over 40

Here’s a good workout my friend, another teacher recommended. Men over 40 Workout

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Using Google Drive for Online Teaching

If you are planning to use Google Drive for Online teaching: If you were going to do audio how would you do it? Have the files on Google Drive and give them the link on the LMS? That’s how I … Continue reading

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Online Teaching-Business Result Pre-Intermediate

Are you teaching Business Result Pre-Intermediate and worried students may somehow lose their CDs or some other computer problems? Here is the audio for 2nd edition Business Result Pre-Intermediate Audio There are more materials for students at Oxford Learn. Business … Continue reading

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Zoom Tips

How to play audio for your students using Zoom. Play audio with Zoom

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English Firsthand Series Online

If you are doing Emergency Online Teaching or Teaching Online, EF has materials available at their website. EF Online for Students There are additional resources available for Students at the following link: English Firsthand Additional Materials for Students Tips for … Continue reading

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ETJ Expo!

The Tokyo ETJ English Language Teaching Expo Saturday/Sunday February 22/23 (9:00-6:00) Otsuma Women’s University, Tokyo THE event for English language teachers (and future teachers) • Presentations by authors, local teachers . . .  on a wide range of topics for … Continue reading

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Authentic Materials

Shane Training Centre Authentic Materials Using Authentic Materials   Authentic material is any material in English that was not created for use in the English language classroom. It includes not just newspaper or magazine articles but also songs, TV shows, movies, … Continue reading

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Shane Training Centre

  Shane Training Centre has been providing English language teaching and training for almost 40 years. Shane Training Centre is the only Trinity accredited training centre in Japan and is dedicated to promoting and fostering teacher training and development.   … Continue reading

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New Textbook of Sentence Patterns and Expressions

みなさま,友人のMichael McDowellと執筆した新刊が9月(刊行予定日は9月12日)に刊行されます.基本的な文構造を使って英語で発信できることを目的としたワークブック形式の書籍です. https://amzn.to/2ZaMCAz 興味があれば目を通していただければ幸いです.教室での使用をお考えの方がいらっしゃいましたら担当編集者の清水さん(m-shimizu@shuwasystem.co.jp)にメイルで連絡していただければ,献本させていただきたいと思います.また,ご購入注文までいかなくても,勤務先・お近くの図書館などで参考図書として注文していただくとうれしく思います.もちろん,お知り合いの方に勧めていただけるだけでも大歓迎です. 本書は,今年の3月刊行予定だったのですが,諸事情があり,大幅に遅れてしまいました.お詫びいたします. 石井洋佑 Hello, I am writing to inform you of the book I coauthored with Michael McDowell that is scheduled to be out in September (https://amzn.to/2ZaMCAz). The workbook intended to help basic-level learners practice sentence patterns … Continue reading

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