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Sensei are you feeling bloated?

Sensei are you feeling bloated? Stop belly bloat with these helpful natural remedies. Stop Belly Bloat

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Yoga Poses for Lower Back and hip Pain

9 yoga poses for lower back and hip pain 9 Yoga Poses

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7 Exercises that can Reduce your Risk for Lower Back Pain

Every minute of every day, a network of muscles in your body’s core ceaselessly toils to shift stress and strain away from your lower spine — and by doing so keeps you free of lower back pain. That’s why it’s important … Continue reading

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Superfoods for Teachers and Everyone else

This list was compiled by nutritionists and of course each one had a different opinion, but these were foods were chosen by most of the experts: Avocados Apples Blueberries Eggs Garlic Pomegranates Cabbage Mushrooms Almonds Fish and fish oil Flaxseeds … Continue reading

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