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Inspiration Motivation

Inspiration Motivation by Kevin Burns Inspiration Motivation – Children`s Brains are still Developing “It`s scientifically proven that kids lose IQ as the mature through the early stages. His brain is being rewired. My advice is to tell him you are … Continue reading

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Teaching English to Young Adults

Teaching Language Skills to Young Adults (With Special Focus on Speaking Skills) (Teaching English Young Adults Photo – Yosakoi, photo also by Devanshe Chauhan) by Devanshe Chauhan Teaching English Young Adults Pedagogy versus Andragogy: Traditional Teaching methods versus New methods … Continue reading

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Teaching Teens: Motivation & Personalisation

Teaching Teens: Motivation & Personalisation by Sophia McMillan (Shane Training Centre, Japan) Motivation is the reason/s for doing something, factors which make us keen to do something. These reasons can be individual and personal or come from external sources. If … Continue reading

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