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On being an ALT in Japan

Riding the ALT Rollercoaster “I saw a documentary on NHK recently and it said that if the foreign teacher is allowed to teach and the Japanese teacher assists, then the class will go well. But if the Japanese teacher insists … Continue reading

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What to Bring to Japan?

What to Bring to Japan? If you land a job to teach in Japan, you may be surprised at what is difficult to get and actually easy to get in this part of Asia. by Kevin Burns As well as … Continue reading

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Land of the Rising Gas

Comedy Land of the Rising Gas by Kevin Burns (that really is my last name!) I wanna get a dog, but I admit it is for all the wrong reasons. I would treat it well, I wouldn`t keep it in … Continue reading

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The General Union

The General Union Teaching English in Japan: What is the General Union? by Kevin Burns I used to hate the General Union. Some of the members were so negative about ALL English schools in Japan. They tarred all schools with … Continue reading

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On Teaching Children English

How to Teach English in Japan interviewed, university teacher, Catherine Cheetham. Teach children English, Catherine Cheetham talks about teaching children, university students and her life in Japan. Cheetham is a mother of two girls married to a Japanese. Teach Children … Continue reading

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On to Atsugi and ECC

On to Hon Atsugi and ECC By Kevin Burns In late January, I had confided to Craig that I would be leaving for Kanagawa Prefecture and Ikumi. I wanted to give them a couple of months to find my replacement.I … Continue reading

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Teaching in Japan: Nagoya

For teaching in Japan some Japanese managers tend to prefer Canadians over Americans. Others are the other way around having had some bad experience with Canadians by Kevin Burns So it is really important to leave a good impression! My … Continue reading

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The Tribes of Midnight

“The Tribes of Midnight” by Kevin Burns Kaisei Town, Kanagawa, Japan Based on a true story Hiroyuki Sakamoto talks with Suzukisan: “You should come out with us on Friday night Sakamotosan, we have a lot of fun! We cruise around … Continue reading

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Ikumi was and still is a pretty Japanese girl to me. She is also a great mother, a good teacher, my best friend and just an all around great lady! Someone much wiser than I once said that if you … Continue reading

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People of Japan

People of Japan Writer Neal Stephenson referred to living in Asia as like stepping into one of the classic comic books, and perhaps that was why so many Westerners ended up settling here. I can relate. Still much of Japan … Continue reading

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