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On Teaching Children English

How to Teach English in Japan interviewed, university teacher, Catherine Cheetham. Teach children English, Catherine Cheetham talks about teaching children, university students and her life in Japan. Cheetham is a mother of two girls married to a Japanese. Teach Children … Continue reading

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Teaching in Japan: Nagoya

For teaching in Japan some Japanese managers tend to prefer Canadians over Americans. Others are the other way around having had some bad experience with Canadians by Kevin Burns So it is really important to leave a good impression! My … Continue reading

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Ikumi was and still is a pretty Japanese girl to me. She is also a great mother, a good teacher, my best friend and just an all around great lady! Someone much wiser than I once said that if you … Continue reading

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I Survived Natto!

I Survived Natto! by Kevin R Burns (Kanagawa, Japan) I Survived Natto! Have you ever eaten the food that is kind of like industrial glue? Half rotten soy beans, that form strings as you put it near… you mouth. You … Continue reading

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