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ESL Japan 2

Teaching English to Adults Creating Confident Creative Conversationalist with Communcation Circles: Part 2 Teaching English to Adults “The best way to study for a communication test is to communicate!” by Thomas C. Anderson More on Communication Circles (Pictured: The Mickey … Continue reading

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ESL Japan

ESL Japan Creating Confident Creative Conversationalists with Communication Circles ESL Japan by Thomas C. Anderson “I hear and I forget;I see and I remember;I do and I understand.” Ancient Chinese Proverb As I approach my twentieth year of teaching English … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on Teaching English in Japan

English grammar worksheets, I hated them as a child. How about you? I think had it been taught in a more natural way, I might have enjoyed it more. That said though, I did discover (finally), a love of reading. … Continue reading

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Learn English Vocabulary

Helping our Students to Learn English Vocabulary Learn English Vocabulary – Some Ideas on how to teach our students English words, in a way that doesn`t create too many grey hairs! by Travis Callaghan “Basic English is English made simple … Continue reading

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Fred Stuhr talks about Teaching English in Japan

How to teach English in Japan had the pleasure of interviewing former English teacher Fred Stuhr. Fred Stuhr talks about his experiences of teaching English to junior high and high school kids in Japan. When you teach English in Japan, … Continue reading

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Tokyo Apartment

Tokyo Apartment Your Tokyo apartment or apartment anywhere in Japan (for that matter) will likely be tiny, and range in rent from 50-100,000 Yen per month. Boy do things get dusty faster here in Japan than back home. With so … Continue reading

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Making Conversation

by Kevin Burns (Tokyo, Japan) A Review of the book, Making Conversation by John Foster Making Conversation is a handy book of conversation topics for ESL/EFL teachers to use while teaching their classes. I think all teachers at times, will … Continue reading

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On Being an ALT in Japan Part 1

Assistant Language Teacher: This can be a great job in Japan if you are in with a good group of Japanese teachers. However a fair number of Japanese teachers it would seem, are difficult to work with. I don`t know … Continue reading

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Basic Grammar in Use – English Language Teaching Part 2

Basic Grammar in Use by Kevin R Burns (Kanagawa, Japan) Basic Grammar in Use – English Language Teaching Part 2 On Education in Japan & the West Basic Grammar in Use, Junior high and high school becomes a ritualized experience … Continue reading

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