Volunteer for the Peace Boat!

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Volunteer for the Peace Boat and see the world for free! Or pay and have a fantastic trip! Something I want to do!  I have heard from many that it is a fantastic experience!
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peaceboat-dream1  One of the former teachers at Kevin`s English Schools, said Peace Boat was a lot of work, but it was a very rewarding experience, and she was glad she could go on it.


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Be Careful of Scribd!

Be Careful of Scribd! There are Criminals lurking at Scribd!
Scribd is an online content provider that has recently been caught stealing the online content of educational websites.
Stealing online is the same as stealing from someone in real life.  In real life, that person had to work hard to get the material thing they have.  The same goes for writers of online content!
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Public Junior High Schools in Japan are the Hidden “Black Companies”

Public Junior High Schools in Japan are the Hidden “Black Companies”

by Chris Dempsey
(Tokyo, Japan)

Public Junior High Schools in Japan are the Hidden “Black Companies”


There is a word in Japanese: karoshi. It means death from overwork. I think few if any countries have a word for this. Though death from overwork happens in all countries at times, it seems to be so prevalent in Japan, that the Japanese have coined a term for it. There is so much I love about this country, however, one thing I dislike is how educational institutions and companies here treat their employees.

Lives with a good work-life balance are rare in Japan, but some companies border on abuse or even slavery in the way they treat employees here. Many foreign interns have died while training in Japan. It`s very sad. Another young intern, dying of a heart attack or suicide, seems to make the news monthly.


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Japan and her Standardised Test Based Education System

Japan and her Standardised Test Based Education System


For some positives in Japanese education, one need look no further than the local kindergarten or elementary school. For most subjects, they are doing a good to great job of educating the children of Japan. The classes are creative, the teachers are caring and on the whole, the students are happy and learning.

Were the whole education system to be like this from kindergarten to the end of university, the Japanese people would be happier, healthier and more productive, both in GDP and creative terms in my opinion.

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Teachers, Want to be Published in a Peer Reviewed Journal?

Teachers, Want to be Published in a Peer Reviewed Journal?

If you want to be published in a peer reviewed publication that is read by thousands of people each month, look no further than us, How to teach English in Japan.com


We want your articles. Plus we are not picky about format. Send us what you are passionate about! Send us your articles on teaching English!
How to Teach English in Japan.com



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His Stomach is Growling

I love Mexican, but it really doesn`t suit me!
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Mixed Ability Young Learner Classes

Mixed Ability Young Learner Classes


From time to time in any teaching situation you will come across mixed-ability classes. People learn at different rates and develop different skills, so in any class you’ll have some people who are better at speaking, some which are better at listening, others at acquiring and understanding form and structure etc. Consider yourself and your peers, do you feel particularly less confident when discussing grammar compared to devising games for your learners, alternatively you may feel adept at organising your lessons and activities but just can’t get to grips with teaching pronunciation? – This doesn’t imply that any teacher is better than another it means that we acquire skills and information differently. This situation is the same for our learners, which can be frustrating both for them and the teacher.

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