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Are you an Overweight Teacher?

I am, and this is the year I lose the gut! I want to lose ten kilograms this year. Here are some tips from the New York times about how to cut down on your sugar intake. Advertisements

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Culture Shock & English Teachers in Japan

Culture Shock & English Teachers in Japan This article, when it was first published, generated a lot of controversy. It made many non-Japanese, living in Japan angry. But I think these, were the people that needed to read these words … Continue reading

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If you believe like I do, that to go to a teaching conference you should not have to take out a new mortgage on your house, then ETJ`s Expos are for you!   The Tokyo ETJ English language Teaching Expo … Continue reading

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Investing in Cryptocurrencies

Those people working and living in Japan, often wonder what to do with their money long term.  Here is one man`s story.    Jonathan Bain: I starting investing in Crypt in May 2017 after a good friend told me about … Continue reading

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Investing your Yen in Crypto Currencies

Investing your Yen in Crypto Currencies, what to do? Disclaimer: I am not a financial expert. I’m an English teacher. Frankly, I am tired of financial experts, who charge fees that are too high and make everything extraordinarily difficult, when … Continue reading

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Reflective Teacher: Teacher Self-Development

by Sophia McMillan (Shane Corporation Ltd) Training v Development Teacher Training is not the same as Teacher Development. Teacher Training Teacher Development  Devised by academic management  Pre-determined training course structure  Addresses ‘global’ teaching issues*  External evaluation … Continue reading

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For Japan’s English teachers, rays of hope amid the race to the bottom

The major economic engines of Japan Inc. — car manufacturers, appliance giants and the like — have often been caught price-fixing: colluding to keep an even market share, squeeze competitors out and maintain “harmony.” Similarly, the commercial English-teaching business could … Continue reading

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