New Textbook of Sentence Patterns and Expressions

みなさま,友人のMichael McDowellと執筆した新刊が9月(刊行予定日は9月12日)に刊行されます.基本的な文構造を使って英語で発信できることを目的としたワークブック形式の書籍です.





I am writing to inform you of the book I coauthored with Michael McDowell that is scheduled to be out in September ( The workbook intended to help basic-level learners practice sentence patterns and expressions so that they can use them for production.

It would be great if you have a look and consider the possibility of using it as either a self-study textbook that supplement your lessons or a textbook. Requesting this book at the library where you work or/and one close to your place would be wonderful as well. Just pass this information on to other people who may be interested also helps.

If you are interested, please contact Mr. Shimizu:

( to request for an inspection copy.

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