ETJ Kanagawa – Workshop

ETJ – Kanagawa

Sunday July 21: Marco Brazil Workshop

2:30 – 4:30



Kanagawa Prefecture Residents’ Activity Support Center

(near the west exit of Yokohama station)




Please register at:



Title: Active Not Passive, Memorable not Memorized

Abstract: We all use different techniques throughout our day to remember information and ideas. The techniques we use form a vital part of our learning experience. They help us organize information into patterns, and brains tend to remember information that forms a memorable pattern. This workshop will demonstrate and introduce useful techniques in enhancing memory and give participants hands-on activities they can activate in a variety of classroom situation.

Presenter’s Profile: Marco Brazil, is a well experienced teacher for children and teacher trainer who has been writing, presenting, and developing teaching materials for over 20 years. He has a master’s degree in Educational Psychology and a bachelor’s degree in Development Communication (DevCom). He is also a regular and popular teaching workshop presenter of OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS. Marco runs his own school — SMARTKIDS CIRCLE. He is the director and founder of MABUHAY CLASSROOM and (IETC) INSTITUTE OF ENGLISH TEACHING TO CHILDREN. This course reflects his own 18-years experiences in teaching English to children here in Japan. Marco is a course associate of (iTDi) INTERNATIONAL TEACHER DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE. 

He has written and published two storybooks; The Monkey And The Turtle and The Rabbit And The Turtle, and The Hardworking Ant. In Japan, Marco is fondly called — the King Of Games.


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