Culture in the Language Classroom

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Distinguished Lecturer Series

Culture in the Language Classroom: Towards an Intercultural Pedagogy for Teaching English as a Foreign Language/World Language

Dr. Jonathan Newton (Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand)




Saturday, February 16, 2019Time:


TUJ Tokyo Center, Azabu Hall (Access Map)Admission:

Free (See details)Registration:

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An often overlooked truth about language teaching is that the language teacher is a teacher of culture whether they know it or not or whether they like it or not. Culture and language are intertwined; language constructs and sustains culture just as culture shapes the language choices available to us and the impact of our language choices on others. In simple terms, “Every time we speak we perform a cultural act” (Kramsch, 1993).

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March 2-3

Optimizing Second Language Practice in the Classroom: Applying Insights from Cognitive/Educational Psychology to Second Language Learning

Dr. Yuichi Suzuki (Kanagawa University, Japan)

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