The Tokyo ETJ English Language Teaching Expo

You are invited to . . .

The Tokyo ETJ English Language Teaching Expo

Saturday/Sunday February 23/24 (9:00-6:00 each day)

Otsuma Women’s University, Tokyo

(near Ichigaya station)

THE event for English language teachers (and future teachers) in Kanto

• Presentations by authors, local teachers . . .

on a wide range of topics for English teachers in all kinds of situations.

• Displays of teaching materials by international publishers and individual teachers.


Information such as the presentation schedule, a map with directions . . .

will gradually be added at:


The Expo is for ALL teachers

There are presentations and displays of materials for college teachers, high school teachers, elementary school teachers, kindergarten teachers… In fact, the aim is to provide top-class presentations and material displays for every kind of teacher.

You can attend one, day, two days, all day or part of a day

There are independent presentations arranged in time slots throughout the two days. This means you can drop into the Expo for just some of the time if you are busy.


Fee for attending the Expo

ETJ members: 500 yen

Non-members: 1,000 yen

Join ETJ

(no fee)


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