JALT Announcements

As the end of one year comes to an end and another is set to begin, we
would like to send our holiday greetings to our many Monthly
Announcements readers around the world. We wish all of you a happy,
healthy, peaceful, and mindful holiday season and a successful year of
teaching and learning in 2019.

This month’s announcements include:

1. JALT2019 Theme and Call for Proposals
2. JALT2018 Feedback Questionnaire
3. JALT2018 Postconference Publication
4. Join JALT2018 Editorial Team
5. JALT2018 Poster Design Competition Winners
6. PanSIG2019 Call for Papers
7. Discount on the Thailand TESOL 2019 Conference Registration Fee
8. “Global Communication: Practice and Policy in Higher Education” Symposium

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1. JALT2019 Theme and Call for Proposals

Our annual international conference will be in Nagoya from November 1
 November 4, 2019. The theme for JALT2019 is Teacher Efficacy,
Learner Agency and the call for proposals is now open. Most proposals
are due on February 1, 2019. More details about the conference,
including submission links, are available on the conference webpage:

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2. JALT2018 Feedback Questionnaire

Now that the conference is behind us, plans for next year’s event are
underway and we hope you can help with that by taking a few moments to
complete a short survey about your experiences at JALT2018.

Here is the link to the survey:

It will remain open until January 6th.

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3. JALT2018 Postconference Publication

All noncommercial presenters at JALT2018 are cordially invited to
submit a paper based on their presentation for publication in
Diversity and Inclusion, the official JALT Postconference Publication.
The deadline for submissions is midnight of Friday, January 4th (JST),
2019. Please visit this link for more details:

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4. Join JALT2018 Editorial Team

The JALT Postconference Publication is putting together its team of
reviewers for the submissions based on this year’s conference
presentations. As ever, we’re looking for reviewers, both new and
experienced, who can help out with a few reviews for us in the January
to March period. If you are interested in joining the review team,
please take a minute to fill out the form on our site:

If you know someone who might be interested in gaining some experience
of reviewing, please pass on this link to them.

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5. JALT2018 Poster Design Competition Winners

We are very pleased to announce the four winners of JALT2018 Poster
Design Competition:

Session A – Samuel Bruce – Using Background Music in the Classroom
Session B – Anthony Digiullo and Herman Bartelen – Learning How to
Learn: 24 Time Management Tips
Session C – Greg Lambert – Using Comic Life and iMovie for Cultural Exchange
Session D – Gretchen Clark and Sean Gay – Defining Critical Thinking in ELT

You can find their posters at:

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6. PanSIG2019 Call for Papers

You are invited to take part in the 18th Japan Association for
Language Teaching’s PanSIG Conference by submitting a presentation
proposal relating to the particular interests of any of JALT’s Special
Interest Groups (SIGs). Presentations in Japanese as well as other
languages are also warmly encouraged.

Call for papers is open October 1st, 2018 through December 22nd, 2018.

Proposals must be submitted by December 22, 2018. Notifications of
final acceptance of proposals will be sent via email between
mid-February and early March, 2018.

For more information, please visit: http://pansig.org/cfp

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7. Discount on the Thailand TESOL 2019 Conference Registration Fee


JALT and five other international partner organizations (Thailand
TESOL, English Teachers Association of Republic of China, Far Eastern
English Teachers Association [Russia] , the Philippines Association
for Language Teachers, and Korea TESOL) form Pan-Asian Consortium or
PAC. We have been collaborating with each other and seeing ways to
provide more benefits to members of PAC Associations. As part of PAC
initiatives, Thailand TESOL is offering a discount on the Thailand
TESOL 2019 conference registration fee.

Details and How to Apply for the Discount

JALT members can get a discount on the conference registration fee
(from the 170 USD of the regular conference registration fee to 150
USD). To be eligible for this discount, your JALT membership must be
valid through Thailand TESOL conference until January 19. If you are
interested, please e-mail me by December 15th. My e-mail address is

Even if you are not 100% sure about attending the conference at this
moment, you can still apply! (Registration details will be announced

Maho Sano
International Affairs Committee Chair

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8. “Global Communication: Practice and Policy in Higher Education” Symposium

The Center for Global Communication Strategies (CGCS) at the
University of Tokyo is pleased to announce a symposium on English and
multilingualism in university settings on January 30th, 2019, titled
“Global Communication: Practice and Policy in Higher Education.” The
symposium will include talks by CGCS faculty on aspects of their
curriculum and teaching practices, as well as plenary talks by two
invited speakers. This event is made possible through the generous
support of the Japan Association for National Universities and the
University of Tokyo Global Faculty Development Committee. For further
information, please visit:

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Parisa Mehran
Director of Public Relations, JALT

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