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A message for members of ETJ

The ETJ Book Service <> is the key to ensuring that ETJ will be able to continue as a free association that supports English teachers around Japan. Anything you can do to help spread the word about the ETJ Book Service would be a great help.

For the first ten years of ETJ, the central administration and primary sponsorship was taken care of by my schools. Since I and my schools went bankrupt in 2010, I have been doing this personally, and have been very happy to do this. But, I am getting older and my ability to provide financial support for ETJ is not on the scale it was when I had schools. It is important now to try and build up a bit more of a structure that can support and sponsor ETJ which others can take over. This plan has some way to go, but I hope I have some way to go, too. Developing the ETJ Book Service is the key to making the plan work.

The ETJ Book Service receives a percentage when books from established publishers are sold through the site, but does not take any commission for materials published by ETJ members who are doing things completely independently. If you are interested in selling your self-developed materials through the site and don’t have a publisher or Japan distributor, please contact me. This is a free service, and I very much hope it will support as many teachers in Japan as possible.

Best wishes,

David Paul


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