On the Bredesen Protocol for Curing or Preventing Alzheimer’s & Dementia

That’s a question that I get… a lot. I thought it would be most expeditious if I answered here so that many people could see it and others would hopefully chime in with their thoughts. The answer lies within you; your knowledge of your current health status, your willingness to dive in and learn, and finally your comfort level with taking charge of your own health.


By Julie G.

I’ve been practicing a home brew version of the Bredesen protocol before it was “a thing.” I’m guessing that I represent many of us old-timers. When we began our E4 journeys, Dr. Bredesen’s seminal paper hadn’t even been published. We began adopting a multifactorial approach because it made sense based upon the evidence available. Many of us, like me, are doing so without the luxury of Bredesen-trained practitioners. No such helpers existed when we began our health-optimization journeys. Many of the basic tests recommended by Dr. Bredesen in The End of Alzheimer’s can easily be ordered by yourself and/or a helpful local physician. Some of the more advanced tests (if your journey takes you that direction) may require a practitioner that is more highly trained and open to Dr. Bredesen’s approach.

We created this non-profit, in part, to support and educate other E4 carriers to share what we’ve learned and to continue learning together. We’ve more recently launched a Practitioner Review Forum to share practitioners that we’ve found helpful on our journeys. You’ll notice many are not Bredesen trained.

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There are Bredesen Protocol practitioners in Japan but they are very expensive.

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