Teaching Spoken English Japan

Teaching Spoken English Japan: what kind of person should teach here?

If you are a people person you should teach.

Teaching at English schools (also known as language schools) in Japan can be a great job provided that youare the right kind of person.

The type of person who thrives as an English teacher here in general (or probably anywhere): is outgoing, likes people, enjoys teaching, is at least a bit of an entertainer,is flexible, is empathetic and understanding, knows how to be a team player, does not assume the worst about her/his boss or school, and perhaps most importantly, is an optimist.

If this does not describe you. All is not lost. People can and do change. You need to do your best to change your outlook to the above however. Failing to do so usually leads to disappointment. Teaching in Japan is not easy. It was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. Probably it will be thesame for you too.

Who should not teach in Japan?

Living in Japan as a foreigner is not easy either. It is an adventure though!

Teachers who thrive in Japan have fun and lively English classes. Their bosses love them for it. They enjoy getting to know their students and learning about Japanthrough them. They come to class with light in their eyes and their students look forward to their English class.

These teachers tend to stay two or more years at their school as that allows them to really experience Japan and return home with a tidy sum.

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