ESL Books

ESL Books – Textbooks for Teaching Adults: Some of the EFL Press Books

Some of the best books I have used for teaching English to junior high to adults, are by EFL Press.

“Talk a Lot: Starter Book,” and “Talk a Lot 1,” and Level 2 all have great activities for getting beginners and false beginners speaking English.

Talk a Lot 2 is more suitable for elementary or pre-intermediate level adults. Sometimes a more structured approach to teaching your classes is the order of the day. For this I recommend a series by Macmillan.

ESL Books: Textbooks for Teaching Children: The Finding Out Series & The English Land Series

Two of the best ESL book resources we have found for teaching children have been the textbook series “Finding Out,” by David Paul, the owner of David English House, and “English Land,” by Mari Nakamura and M.H. Newton (Longman Asia ELT).

Both textbook series have been extensively tested in Japan and the writers obviously understand Japanese students well.

Mari Nakamura gives teacher training sessions all over Japan. She is active, writing educational articles, training teachers, and educating young learners. She runs her own school called English Square in Kanazawa City. Further, she is the coordinator of ETJ Ishikawa Group and studies with Aston University. She has done extensive study on TEYL–Teaching English to Young Learners.

“English Land” engages students in a very colourful way, and incorporates Disney characters throughout their books. By using characters that Japanese students know and love, these books motivate children to learn English. Indeed, these books make English more real and fun for the kids.

The Finding Out Series by David Paul

Finding Out 1 is THE book hands down that I recommend for teaching children how to read. Once they master Finding Out 1, they can read many, many easy books from other textbooks to easy story books for children.

David Paul and others have put in a lot of work into the series. There are even official and unofficial resources on the internet that you can use. David Lisgo is one who has made supplementary materials for the series.

“Finding Out 1” is the book our students aged 6-11 usually start English classes with at Kevin`s English Schools. By the end of Finding Out 1 they can usually read. David Paul has done an excellent job of creating a textbook series that gets into the mind of the child, and teaches them phonics in an entertaining way.

After mastering the phonics of Finding Out 1 our students either go onto “Finding Out 2” the next textbook in the series, or onto “English Land 1” or 2.

Both series come with cards. Finding Out has very colourful small cards, while English Land`s are large, like small posters. I recommend getting both card series and both textbook series if you will teach children in Japan.

As for supplementary materials there is software for Finding Out. As alluded to, you can also find cards and materials developed by third party (teachers) that use the series. Some are free and others are not.
David Paul does his best to support the series with lectures and training sessions throughout Japan.

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