Tokyo Jobs

Tokyo Jobs

ETJ Conferences are a great way to network for Tokyo Jobs and jobs throughout Japan. Plus you will learn a lot and the conferences are very reasonably priced!

ETJ Japan is a great way to network and find Tokyo jobs, and jobs throughout Japan. Of course you can find hundreds of Tokyo jobs right at our site here by checking our lists of English schools, and by checking to see what jobs are posted for Tokyo in our Post your job section (left hand column 6th heading down).

You really should try to attend an ETJ (English Teachers of Japan) conference near you. They are a great chance to learn many new things, network for Kansai jobs, or teaching jobs in other parts of Japan, and make friends.

I went to lectures by Paul Nation, David Paul, Kathryn Tanizawa and Ritsuko Nakata. I highly recommend attending any lecture by Paul Nation or David Paul. They are both very, very good! Tim Murphy is also worth attending I have heard from many people.

Picture: from the Rising Wasabi

The MAT Method of English Teaching

Ritsuko Nakata lectured on the the MAT method of English teaching. MAT is an interesting way to teach children. Her lecture was on activities for small and large classes employing the MAT method. I felt a lot of the activities were more suitable for large classes as opposed to some of the small classes we have at an eikawa school.

She pointed out that the size of the class does not always corellate with how much learning takes place.

Nakata had us participate and try out MAT including doing the actions to do with the weather. I feel it is a great way, especially for teaching young children and elementary school children. She said it helps the students to remember by performing the actions, and it helped us remember the MAT method she taught us by having us do MAT. In the process, she subtly reminded us that learning by doing (the actions) works.

Not only do you learn a lot from the presenters, but some of the good teaching ideas, or ideas related to finding more work, come out while having a beer after the conference. It is always fun to make new friends. Developing a network of like-minded teachers is valuable to anyone, but perhaps more valuable if you are new to Japan. Get out there and attend those conferences! It will help you to find more jobs all over Japan!

Teaching is a difficult profession in that it is very people oriented. It is a social job. If you have an off day or worse, you are burnt out or your teaching has become stale, you may affect the lives of your hundred students.

Every teacher experiences burnout from time to time, but the quicker you can get out of your funk the better, and ETJ conferences are one way of accomplishing that.

Plus you may be able to find an Osaka job, a Tokyo Job or a Hiroshima or Nagoya Job. Someone famous once said, half the battle is simply just showing up. Success after attending an ETJ conference is just one example of that.

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