JACET: Japan Association of College English Teachers

JACET: The Japan Association of College English Teachers

The primary objectives of JACET today are consistent with those of the past: the development of English language education in Japan.

JACET also offers its members opportunities to exchange information on topics relevant to its goals and supports a variety of academic activities.

JACET holds an annual conference in Japan. Visit the JACET homepage for more information.

JALT, I believe grew from a desire for a society more in tune with foreign language teachers in Japan. You can check them out here:JALT

Message from the President of JACET

Dear JACET members and supporters.

It is with great honor and excitement that I assume my second term on the 8th President of The Japan Association of College English Teachers (JACET).

In 1962, JACET was established in a time of educational reform in order to improve the state of English language education. Those involved were strongly convinced of the need to solve college-level problems related to English language education so as to improve its teaching at all levels of the education system.

Six types of JACET activities are stipulated in Article 5 of the JACET Statutes (Teikan). Each activity is described in terms of its objectives, target, scale, publicity and expected results as follows: Read More

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