English Teacher, how is your biome?

Have a healthy microbiome? You will feel good. If you don’t, you will know about it. How do you correct this?

Eat a lot of different fermented foods.

(kimchi, sauerkraut, yogurt, kefir, pickles), and to have at least one of these daily. –according to Dr. Sonnenburg, an expert in the field.

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The Healthy Gut

Preliminary Research suggests:

• Unprocessed foods that are low in sugar support microbiome health.

Probiotic supplements may help repopulate a depleted microbial community, although more research is needed.

• Increased consumption of fermented foods (such as plain yogurt with active cultures and sauerkraut) may also help in achieving and maintaining healthy gut microbiota

Dr. Andrew Weil recommends an anti-inflammatory diet based on his food pyramid.

Best Probiotic for you?

How Food can Boost your Mood

Mood Fighters

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