Classroom Management

Classroom Management, a difficult problem, but one that can improve your teaching, by using a few simple strategies. More on Teaching Challenging English classes.

Devanshe Chauhan outlines how to manage your English classes in Japan for novice teachers: advice for new teachers in this article.


As teachers, especially as trainee teachers, before we begin teaching, of more import is establishing a climate conducive to learning.

If we go back to our own student days, we’ll probably remember most of our teachers with epithets such as too firm or strict, friendly or hateful, funny or boring, slack etc

Mere qualifications and medals don’t necessarily make a teacher good or bad. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be an extrovert to be a good teacher. Some excellent teachers are very low-key, while there are some who are fun, lively & amusing.

Whatever the style, a teacher’s first and foremost task is to establish a good rapport with the students and inspire their confidence. Your very first lesson will dictate all your future lessons. A teacher must know when to be firm, when to let the students alone.

Management Goals

Be Firm, Friendly, Flexible: that’s the mantra.

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