Get the Children Moving in English Classes

Get the Children Moving in English Classes

When teaching children aged 5-12 it is important to realize how much energy they have. They have a lot more energy than you. Yes you! The bald guy sitting right in front of his computer monitor in Syracuse. Sorry to point you out like that, but with this new software I can now see all of our readers. It`s great!

by Kevin Burns

I joke! Sorry about that!

Because the children have so much energy, it is very important to move them around as much as you can. They are kids. They need to move. They have been forced to sit and obey their teacher at school all day and then they come to your English school.

Asking them to sit at the table for another hour is asking for trouble.

You can have them at the table doing a drawing, writing or game activity, then you can move them to the white board for a team spelling contest or some other activity. Then you can have everyone get down on the floor and do a floor puzzle activity or have them bring you things from around the room.

Don`t forget you can take them outside (weather permitting). You can point out things and name them, or ask them to show you a house, a cat, a car etc.

One of the great things about teaching children is that they are so flexible, and are very willing to go outside for their lesson. They love it in fact.

If the class is one hour long, try to have six different ten minute activities, and move them around the room and outside.

The children will love your lessons and the Mom`s will love you too. Your boss will then love you and then the bank manager will love you as you keep getting raises. (Unless you work for my school). “Get back to work slave!”

Oops, can we delete that? I didn`t really mean to put that in.

We`ll delete it before it gets published on the internet right?

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