Teaching English to Children

Some Thoughts on Teaching Children English in Japan

When teaching English to Kids there are many challenges and things to watch out for. Many have chosen to teach English in Japan, and many have gone before you. So luckily there is a wealth of shared activities that teachers know of and teach each other.

by Kevin Burns

Teachers love to teach no matter who it is, so don`t be afraid to ask other teachers advice about how to teach English in Japan. On this page is more advice and activites you can use, plus homework! Yes even teachers who are engaged in teaching English to kids, must do homework!

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First Steps–In a Nutshell: Teaching Children English in 1 Minute or Less

If someone said:

“Kevin you have 60 seconds, tell me what I need to do to learn how to teach English to Japanese children?”

I would say: “Read books by James Asher on Total Physical Response, get “Finding Out 1 Teachers Book,” by David Paul and read the first 40 pages to get the method down, practice it on your own so you know it and can do it in a class of kids, it is a great and fun way to not only teach them English but how to read. Get English Land 1 Teachers book, learn it, and be able to teach it.”

You can always learn more, but I basicly tell all new teachers at Kevin`s English Schools the same thing.

You may want to start with the Finding Out Series and use it all the way through or you could teach the children using Finding Out 1, then 2, then go onto English Land. English Land is fun because of the Disney characters.
Teaching English to Kids using Phonological Awarement Activities

Phonological awareness activities will excite your child or your students if you are a teacher. They are great for children who are ready to start reading.

They will have fun doing their very own dictionary. Not only will they be writing letters, but they will also be learning to read some words that correspond to their favorite things.
Teaching English to Kids in Japan

It is a little daunting at least at first, to be entrusted with someone`s pride and joy. Having parents drop off their six or eight year old children into your care is a big responsibility. Yet there is so much potential with these children, and their future is all ahead of them.

I have always felt we are more than just English teachers. We provide Japanese children with a window into another world–a foreign, exotic world of magic and possibility.

We not only teach them English, we give them an idea of what Western people are like. We open their rich imagination to a world outside of these Japanese isles.

No it isn`t just English that we teach. We help to lessen racism and internationalize in the best sense of that word. We help to minimize the “island mentality” that permeates so much of Japanese society.

Teaching English to Kids — Internationalizing Japan

Japanese children consistently exposed to people from other countries are more open minded, and I will argue, more understanding of foreign cultures and customs.

I venture that these children we teach are a little more creative as a result. Indeed they are not afraid of non-Japanese people.

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