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Input Output ESL Teaching: From a Distance…..

Input Output ESL Teaching: From a Distance….. On Input Output ESL Teaching: “…At first glance, many of our textbooks, handouts, and quizzes appear well structured, comprehensible and in line with some popular theories of learning. On closer examination, though, we … Continue reading

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On Using Graded Readers in your Class

Methods in Teaching English — Graded Readers: Teaching English in Japan can be pretty dull if you don`t incorporate some reading and discussion in your classes that can handle an activity like this. Using Graded Readers in your classes and … Continue reading

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The Tribes of Midnight

“The Tribes of Midnight” by Kevin Burns Kaisei Town, Kanagawa, Japan Based on a true story Hiroyuki Sakamoto talks with Suzukisan: “You should come out with us on Friday night Sakamotosan, we have a lot of fun! We cruise around … Continue reading

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A Japanese Apartment

A Japanese apartment is different from what you can expect back home. The amenities are few if any. You will need to furnish it from the top down, including the light fixtures! by Kevin Burns When you step into any … Continue reading

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Ikumi was and still is a pretty Japanese girl to me. She is also a great mother, a good teacher, my best friend and just an all around great lady! Someone much wiser than I once said that if you … Continue reading

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People of Japan

People of Japan Writer Neal Stephenson referred to living in Asia as like stepping into one of the classic comic books, and perhaps that was why so many Westerners ended up settling here. I can relate. Still much of Japan … Continue reading

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You`ve been in Japan too long when…

First thing Saturday morning, you head to Shibuya to check the prices of orange hair dye. If you are over 65 then the blue hair dye is your dye of choice. by Kevin Burns Corn or cuttle fish on pizza … Continue reading

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Tokyo Apartment

Tokyo Apartment Your Tokyo apartment or apartment anywhere in Japan (for that matter) will likely be tiny, and range in rent from 50-100,000 Yen per month. Boy do things get dusty faster here in Japan than back home. With so … Continue reading

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