English Land Textbooks

English Grammar for Kids

English Grammar for Kids, how can you teach it?

I feel the English Land series of textbooks does a good job of teaching grammar through context. Plus this series of books draws the children in with the use of popular Disney characters. Disney is very popular in Japan.

While I feel English Land is weaker in teaching phonics than a textbook series like Finding Out, it makes up for this with very colorful books, cards, and interesting lessons.

The teacher`s guide is excellent and has extra activities you can incorporate to reinforce the knowledge learned in the lessons.

The children enjoy using English Land and perhaps that is the most important thing. I find when teaching children, if they don`t know they are being taught, that is when some of the best magic occurs in the classroom.

Learning grammar in a natural way can be the best way and English Land helps to foster that. I also speak English to the kids throughout the lesson, introducing English grammar in this way, and reinforcing it through the activities we do and the explanations that go with them.

They of course further reinforce their grammar knowledge by doing homework from the English Land Activity book and by studying their textbook.

If your school has computers, you can reinforce grammar through software as well. Children love to use computers and games that make learning English grammar fun are a real plus!

If the children cannot read, I will read them a storybook. Just hearing the rhythm and how the words are put together is a step in the right direction, plus you can teach vocabulary by pointing out things in the pictures.

If the students can read, we take turns, reading a page of the book each. They learn the grammar from the context of the story. They see how the words fit together to create meaning. This is much like how we learned the grammar as children.

Indeed variety is the spice of life, and variety will enhance English grammar learning for the kids in your classes.

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