Board Game Rules Project

Board game Rules Project

by Kevin R Burns
(Kanagawa, Japan)

Board game Rules Project

 You are going to teach some students the rules for playing a board game. You will also play that game with them.

 First open your game and read the rules in English. You need to understand the rules well enough to explain how to play the game. Maybe try playing the game with your team.

 Next, you need to write a simple Japanese version or another language version of the rules. ie) Hindi, Arabic, French, German, Danish, Norwegian, Malaysian, Thai, Chinese etc.) Then ask your teacher (Kevin) to make some photocopies of your finished version of the rules.

 Your version of the rules should be easily understood by someone who has never played the game!

 You can check if there is already a Japanese version of the rules on the internet. If there is, print it out. But after you print it out, improve it!

 Some Helpful Websites:

The Board Game Laboratory – has rules in Japanese of some board games.

TGIW (Table Games in the World) has many rules for English boardgames translated into Japanese.

*If you are lucky and find your rules on the internet in Japanese or the language you are translating them into, then don`t just make a copy of them. Improve on them, and ask Kevin to make a photocopy of YOUR version of the rules. –rules can always be improved and made easier to understand.


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