How to Master the Eiken Test

How to Master the Eiken Test

by Kevin R Burns

How to Master the Eiken Test

-1 Buy some past Eiken tests.

-Do the test and time yourself. Only allow yourself the time allowed for each Eiken test.

Write your answers on a separate piece of paper to keep the test fresh (unwritten on).

Don`t check the answers!


Then do the same test again. Take as long as you want.


Check answers and study your mistakes.


Then try the same test again and this time do it in the time permitted for the test.

*Special thanks to Kazuhiko Katakura who passed along this knowledge to me from a book he had read about improving your Eiken score.

More Advice

The Eiken and other timed tests, make it very important that you can read and understand quickly. Or you will run out of time during the test.

Improve your Reading Speed

Do this by reading graded readers (easy English novels and none-fiction books). Read easier newspapers like The Japan Times or USA today.

Most city libraries should have all of these. If not they are available at stores like Yurindo and Kinokuniya.

Enjoy English! Then you will continue to study.

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