Teacher Assaulted in Japanese High School

Teacher assaulted in Japanese High School

by Mark Chapman
(Kanagawa, Japan)

Teacher assaulted in Japanese High School

Below is a video of some of the behavior that goes on at some of the junior high and senior high schools in Japan. Disgusting.


As if teaching is not difficult enough.  This student I believe was expelled for a while.  You may have the image if you live abroad, that all Japanese are polite, gracious people. Many of them are.  But many are like the boy in this Youtube video unfortunately.  Teaching in Japan can be like a zoo at the wrong school or even university.


Back home, we have the image of Japanese being polite, clean, well-behaved people. That ends when you see the reality of how people act on the trains and some of the behavior in the schools here.

Here is a video taken by a student in a public high school in Japan. The teacher had taken away the student`s tablet as the student had been watching a movie, rather than pay attention to class. The student then proceeds to kick the teacher. The student should be expelled, but I am not sure if anything will result from this.

At a junior high school my friend taught at in Oimachi, Kanagawa, a teacher was beat up by a student, and then took a leave of absence due to stress.
Many of these children, though they are adult in size, have terrible home lives, with parents gambling at pachinko 24/7 or in one case, both parents walking out on their 14 year old, to leave him to fend for himself.

The Japanese you see traveling in North America are the best ones, the reality in Japan is far different:

Fortunately, most schools are not like this one. But far too many are!

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