Presenting Grammar, Part 2

Presenting Grammar Part Two
by Sophia McMillan
(Shane Training Centre, Shane Corporation)

Presenting Grammar Part Two


• Pre-teach any necessary vocab


• Set a task and learners listen/read once to do task

• Give feedback on this task

• Learners listen/read again and this time they are listening/reading for the target

language. A gap-fill is a common task for this

• Elicit a sentence and clarify meaning, form, pronunciation and appropriacy if

necessary by asking concept questions

• Drill this sentence

• Elicit more example sentences, continuing to drill

• Set a controlled practice activity, monitor to check

• Give feedback on the activity

• Set another controlled practice activity or a freer activity if learners are ready

c) Test Teach Test

• Set an activity to find out if learners can use the target structure spontaneously

• Give feedback on the activity

• The presentation stage is essentially the same as the two above (starting from “elicit

a sentence”) although the teacher will shorten or extend this stage as necessary, depending on learners’ performance in the first activity

• Set another practice activity, can be controlled or freer – the second Test

d) Teaching Functional Language

• Set up situation and make the task that is being performed clear

• Set a task and learners listen to a dialogue (on audio, video, spoken by the teacher.)

• Give feedback on the task

• Teacher elicits the different chunks of language that perform the task (by re-

listening/gap-fill/checking the tape script). Make sure replies are included so learners can fully perform the task, not just half of it

• Clarify form, pronunciation and appropriacy. Check learners are aware of the

function of the structure again

• Drill, paying careful attention to intonation

• Set a controlled practice activity

Sophia McMillan

Training Manager/TESOL Course Director

Shane Training Centre, Shane Corporation Ltd

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Writer and teacher in Japan
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