About How to Teach English in Japan

About how to teach English in Japan
How to teach English in Japan is all about reaching our potential, always improving, growing and learning.  Be that through teaching or through personal growth in general.

I have always been fascinated with birds, their ability to travel where they want and soar at will. We too can soar if we want to.

We all have so much potential and together we can all improve ourselves and the world in the process. It is not easy, but it is worth doing.

We hope our site helps you in your journey of soaring through life and teaching English in Japan!

Who is Kevin R Burns?


I am an English instructor in Japan.     I own a small English school here and I teach English at a university in Kanagawa.  I make YouTube videos and my wife Ikumi is also an English teacher at a public junior high school. We own two small guest houses near Hakone.

I am fascinated by the journey we call life, and spiritual study in general.

A good friend felt I should share some of my thoughts with you, hence this website.    I truly hope it helps some of you.    If not, I hope you have enjoyed reading some of the articles by myself and others.

Kevin Burns

About kintaro63

Writer and teacher in Japan
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