Japan and its Standardized Test Based Education System Part 3

by Kevin R Burns

(Kanagawa, Japan)

Japan and its Standardized Test-Based Education System Part 3 Quotes:

“…I think that an education system that teaches skills that can be employed in the real world for the rest of your life (creative thinking, problem solving, etc.) as opposed to skills that will only be useful once (passing that high school math exam). I’m certainly not implying that math is useless, but compare the times per week you have to use algebra to the times where you have to employ critical thinking…rarely is anything new. Producers of music and TV shows and animations look at what’s out there and can’t come up with a fresh idea (they don’t know how) so they take an existing formula and rearrange it, which apparently is good enough for them. It’s also why I can’t read most comic books – they’re all essentially the SAME (especially the romantic ones aimed at girls). Maybe if these producers and writers had been challenged to use their creativity further in school, they wouldn’t be so strapped for fresh ideas.”

–Kazan (Japan and its standardized test-based education system,Japan Today Comments)

“Mr. Burns is right on the money, Kindergarten and Elementary are very good here. Jr and Highschool is why you see all the suicides. We are moving back to the US before then. I pledged to my wife that I would never allow our children to attend a Japanese High School.”

–USA Expat (Japan and its standardized test-based education system,Japan Today Comments)

“Good article with several valid points.

A Japanese teacher once told me that the purpose of the Japanese education system is not to educate, but to show children how to be Japanese.”

–Medieval Times (Japan and its standardized test-based education system,Japan Today Comments)

Japan and its standardized test-based education system

For some positives in Japanese education, one need look no further than the local, kindergarten or the local elementary school. For everything other than English education, they are doing a good to great job of educating the children of Japan. Classes are creative, teachers are caring, on

the whole, and students are happy and learning.

Were the whole education system to be like this from kindergarten to the end of university, the Japanese people would be happier, healthier and more productive, both in GDP and creative terms.

Japan and its standardized test-based education system

“It is the most difficult thing in the world trying to do an activity in which they think for themselves. They either have to be in a group or they won’t do it. If it’s an activity that requires them to explain something, they can’t do it. If I ask about why they like some movie/anime/tv show, they act like I’m asking them to tell me the meaning of life. Even my adult eikaiwa students have a lot of trouble, though I’m always encouraging them to speak their minds.

There’s too much of “I’ll just study enough to pass a test” rather than studying to learn, and to actively use it, and English is an excellent example of this. The kids memorize the vocab and grammer to pass the test, but they never use it. Even young teachers who got such and such high score on some test can’t speak a word of English if I approach them. I think studying for scores only is a problem back home, but at least I feel like students are given far more of an opportunity to think about what they’re doing, rather than read and recite over and over again. These kids are very intelligent, but people shouldn’t make them gauge it based on a bunch of test scores alone.”

–Kokorocloud (Japan and its standardized test-based education system, Japan Today Comments)

“Working as an engineer in the shipyards, I have noticed that the men who did not go to high school outperform the trade school and university grads all the time, in the critical thinking area, hands on, and problem solving. It seems more often than not, having an education does not mean you are more intelligent!”

–Davin (Japan and its standardized test-based education system,Japan Today Comments)

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Jan 01, 2017


Spot on NEW

by: Oneness

Yep that article pretty much expresses exactly what I have been saying for years now. And for kids trying to get into private schools it starts even earlier. Even in some Eikaiwa schools the competitive rush to pass Eiken tests earlier and earlier does more damage than good.

Nov 12, 2015


Japan and its NEW

by: Anonymous

I agree about the fact that kids when grow up find that maths is not that useful when compared to critical thinking. The assignment help reveals that adult humans are more in need of cognitive abilities rather than mathematical capabilities when it comes to real life situations. Therefore, Japan is correct in employing to real life situation curriculum rather than the standard one’s which only focus on passing the tests and attaining higher grades.

Jun 03, 2015


This is great NEW

by: Anonymous

I love to explore I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often. 70-534 DUMPS

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