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The Greenlist of English Schools

The British Council English Centers

Teach English at the British Council. The British Council of course, is very much involved in English teaching to say the least, hence its` fame. I think you could do much, much worse, than land a teaching position at one of their beautiful and illustrious schools.

Some teachers have complained that they cannot get a job in certain English schools if they are a person of colour. The British Council says they believe in the principles of equal opportunities.

British Council Tokyo

1-2, Kagurazaka,


Tokyo 162-0825

Tel: 03-3235-8031

Fax: 03-3235-8040

British Council Japan School

General enquiries: enquiries at

English Course enquiries: courses at

Education UK enquiries: at

Good English Schools Japan: British Hills in Fukushima Prefecture

I had heard about British Hills from a student of mine. She had attended classes there twice in the past and raved about it. She said it was like studying in the English countryside. Yet it is located in Fukushima Prefecture, Japan.

“British Hills resembles a small British countryside village complete with castle, British style guesthouses, English speakers, country gardens and surroundings. Even the weather seems British! You are accommodated in luxury style fully furnished and serviced guesthouses. Similar to Bed and Breakfast cottages in England. There are between 20 and 30 apartments in each of the 8 guesthouses depending on the size of the house and of course the apartment. Each rooms can sleep between one and four guests. Every guesthouse has its own large luxurious lounge which is suitable for conference for up to 40 people; however it is also private and cosy enough for 1 or 2 people. All interiors are of a typical British Victorian style complete with imported fabrics and heavy well crafted wood and steel furniture. The main classroom and conference facilities, reception, main dining hall, library, indoor sporting and relaxation facilities and Chapel, are housed in the main castle-like Manor House. Also on the premises are the Craft House, the real English Pub, The Souvenir Shop and staff accommodation, external sporting facilities and the nature trail.”

–from the British Hills website


“20,000 a month plus utilities, basic furnishings.” Paid holidays, completion bonus, health insurance, six weeks unpaid holidays, company car for travel to and from work, and 50,000 social insurance allowance.”

–from a British Hills employment ad

Contact British Hills

1-8 Aza Shibakusa,

Oaza Tarao, Tenei Mura,

Iwase Gun, Fukushima 962-0622.

mailto: bhedudept at

British Hills

“Full-time, 40 working hours/week, 5 days/week, 8 hours/day. 300,000yen/month. Teach English and British Culture to students from elementary to college students, and adults. “We teach students a variety of classes that fit into the following categories: English, Travel English, Cultural, Art and Craft, Activity based classes, Elementary classes, Business and Adults, as well as courses tailored to specific company or school needs.” Teaching location Tenei Mura in Hatori Kogen. The nearest train station is Shin-Shirakawa.”

–from a British Hills employment ad

Good English Schools Japan: Bromski`s English Academy

Teaches young children to adults.


3236-8 Yoshiki,

Yamaguchi city 753-0811

Tel/fax: 083-923-5934

E-mail: beaeikaiwaacademy at

Good English Schools Japan — The British School in Tokyo

Is a large co-ed international school in Tokyo for students from nursery school to age 18.

They have two sites in Tokyo and offer a variety of possible positions at the school.

Learn more about them at their very informative homepage.

Good English Schools Japan: California Bear English Club

California Bear English Club is a small school located in Fujisawa, Kanagawa, next to Tsujido Station on the Tokaido Train Line.

American, Todd Lenkowski is the owner, manager and teacher. He is a good, honest man. He is a motivated teacher and manager who regularly attends conferences in the hopes of always becoming better.

I highly recommend him as an employer. One of his teachers has taught at California Bear for many years.

Check out their homepage here:

California Bear English Club


California Bear English Club

3F 1-3-1 Tsujidoshinmachi,

Fujisawa, Kanagawa,

Japan 251-0042

Chit Chat English Services

I had the pleasure of meeting Chit Chat owner Barry Miller near Shin Yurigaoka station. Miller teaches primarily – private English lessons, but may need part-time teachers at times. Or if you are a student, check out his school. I know that he is a very good teacher.

Chit Chat English Services

1-3-13 Naka-Izumi Komae City

201-0012 Tokyo

Tel/Fax: 03-6805-0660

Email: b.miller at

Visit Chit Chat`s Homepage

Good English Schools Japan: Choice English School in Kyoto

Sean the owner has set up himself a nice little school in Kyoto.

Choice has daytime and evening lessons in the Kyoto area of Japan. I feel that a small school like this one is a better bet for students and teachers alike. Smaller schools tend to care more about teachers and students, as without them, the business dies. You may want to teach in Japan with a small to mid-sized English school.

This Kyoto English school is foreign-owned and located near Shijo-Omiya in Kyoto City. The owner Sean`s goal is to provide students CHOICES in their English study and practice. They teach all ages from 4 up, daytime and evenings lessons, short-term or long-term study, and in small groups (up to 4 students) or private lessons.

Visit their homepage to learn more about them.

Watch Choice`s Sean being interviewed about how he started his school.

Remember you have a choice! Ooops! that was bad! But I couldn`t resist. Sitting at this keyboard all day can drive you a little batty!

Choice has two schools in the Kyoto area plus they do proof reading.

Join them for parties like St. Patrick`s Day.

Their photo gallery gives you a good idea of what teaching at Choice is like.

“チョイスイングリッシュは京都市の四条大宮と川端二条にある外国人が経営する小さな英会話教室です。私たちは、生徒の皆さん自身が英語学習についてチョイスできる英会話スクールを目指しています。レッスンは4歳以上の全ての方に昼夜行っています。長期レッスンも短期レッスンも可能です。 また、4人までの小グループレッスンや個人レッスンもお受けいたします.”

–from the Choice Homepage

Our site is by teachers, for teachers. But it costs money to maintain our site. If you like it and have used this site. Please consider donating. Why we need your support

Although the How to teach English in Japan community is active, vibrant and very diverse, achieving the mission of giving this information to you, costs money. Servers and infrastructure need to be provided and maintained, the domain name and trademarks need to be registered and taken care of, plus there is an ongoing demand for travel funding of our members, and participation in events.

You are more than welcome to donate to our ongoing operations budget.

Your donation, however small, would greatly help our project and help us deliver a better product as well as services. Thank you for your support!

You don`t need a PayPal account to donate.

Good English Schools Japan: Conrad`s English House

Odawara, Kanagawa

Conrad`s English House is a school that I highly recommend. Conrad is a stand up guy who cares very much about teaching students well, and that is the way he runs his school too.

Contact: Conrad Matsumoto


Conrad’s English House

Nakagawa Bld. 2

1-14-4 Sakae-cho

Odawara, Kanagawa 250-0011

Tel: 0465 23-3050

Visit their homepage for more information

Dave & Amy`s Eikaiwa

I met the very personable Amy at a ETJ conference in Tokyo. My friend knows her fairly well and I would think she and her partner Dave would be good people to work for.

There schoosl are located in Urawa area.

Dave & Amy`s Tel 048-883-2536 Email: Urawa/Kita-Urawa-Kita-Yono


Visit Dave and Amy`s Homepage

Good English Schools Japan: David English House


Polesta Bldg,

7-5 Nakamachi, Naka-ku,

Hiroshima, 730-0037

Visit their homepage for more information

Tel: 082-244-2633, Fax: 082-244-2651

E-mail: Rie at

David Paul is one of my heroes! He has done so much for English teaching in Japan. He is a very selfless man and works hard to improve the state of English teaching in this country. He deserves applause!

Founder David Paul is the writer of the Finding Out series and Communicate. He also lectures on how to teach English throughout Japan. Anyone who has attended one of his lectures will be impressed with the man and his mission. David English House is highly recommended as a first class school to work for!

Paul started what is arguably the best association for English teachers in Japan–ETJ.

DES also administrates some distance learning courses, if you are thinking of furthering your studies. One of the courses is The University of Birmingham`s Masters in TEFL/TESL.


Nakamachi, Sendamachi, Asahimachi, Minami Kannon, Ujina Nishi, Danbara, Yamane-cho, Nukushina, Yokogawa, Furuichi, Omachi, Tomo Higashi, Kogo Naka, Takasu, Takasudai, Tagata, Inokuchi, Inokuchidai, Itsukaichi Higashi, Itsukaichi, Rakurakuen, Aobadai, Kaita, Kaita Minami, Yano, Fuchu, Aki-Nakano, Nakano Higashi, Saijo, Takamigaoka, Miyoshi, Shobara.


Christine Watson – Principal Brandon Salsman- Vice Principal Kazumi Takata – Manager (distance learning) Kyoko Hori – Manager (book service) Tomomi Date – Manager (school section)

“I spent 5 years at DEH and found it to be a very professional and well-run school in the context of the TEFL world. There are some issues with travel time and many teachers end up with more kids classes than they might want, but it¡¯s a great place to go to get a solid foundation in teaching. They do have both pre-service and in-service training, and David Paul, the president, is a rariety in the field, a school owner who`s more interested in education than money.”

–quoted from TEFL School

*I disagree with the last part of the above quote. Many of the owners are also teachers, and they are very interested in education–not only improving themselves, but improving the teachers employed at their school. If you think about it, it makes sense. Better teachers=a better school. Better schools bring in more students.

The person above may be speaking of owners who do not teach. All of the owners I know personally, and there are many; they teach as well as manage their schools.

Good English Schools Japan – Eikaiwa Planet

In beautiful Kaminoyama, Yamagata Prefecture. The pictures of the area at Dan`s blog look lovely. This school is in the Japanese countryside, but if you are lucky enough to live near Dan and his wife Naoko then contact them for possible part-time or fulltime work as an English teacher there.

Dan and his wife Naoko run a very nice looking school. You can see what I mean by the photos at their homepage (link below).


〒990-2442 Yamagata Itiminami Nibancho 8-1-2F

They have free parking!

〒990-2442 山形市南二番町8-1-2F 詳しい地図などはこちら ★駐車場もあります。


E-mail: hello at

Dan might be interested in hiring you if you enjoy teaching children, or live in the area. Anyway, give Dan a shout if you live in his area. He is a good man Visit Eikaiwa Planet`s Homepage

Get to know the owner of Eikaiwa Planet, Dan at his Blog

Dan is an avid gardener from England. And I know him through my Yahoo group

Elf Kids English School

Is owned by the energetic Eric Kane. They create learning content for young children. Presently, their goal is to create a flexible curriculum for teachers and students around the world. They offer a wide variety of materials, as well as teaching in house classes at their schools.

Kane can often be found at various ETJ Conferences around Japan, so if you teach children, be sure to talk with him and see his materials. He is a very friendly man and willing to offer advice. A good friend of mine uses some of his teaching materials in his classes.

Specialties: Children’s Music (Writing, Performance and Recording), Materials Creation, Children’s Education, Teacher Training and Consultation.

Visit Elf Kids English Schools` Homepage

Good English Schools Japan: English Village

Is a smaller school chain that is rated highly by Oricon.

Check them out at the following link:

English Village Homepage

Good English Schools Japan: Evergreen Language School

in Kochi, Shikoku

Located in one of the more beautiful areas of Japan, the island of Shikoku. Definitely off the beaten path but an area of Japan I long to see. I have heard it is beautiful from a number of people. Kochi is a decent sized city, the largest city on the island.


They have an English language school for all levels, and teachers are also sent to teach off campus at various places.

They offer a salary of 250,000 Yen and up. Plus a 20,000 Yen per month transportation allowance.

*It is not a requirement of Japanese companies to pay for your transportation (commuting costs). However many companies choose to do so.

Check with Evergreen to see exactly what that 20,000 Yen is. Is it to pay for the time it takes to travel? Or is it just to pay for your train tickets for example? Some schools will pay for your travel time as well if you are having to travel a lot–2 hours or 90 minutes to get to a class for example.

Good English Schools Japan: English Square

Location: Kanazawa City



Tel. 076-296-9788

Owned by the energetic Mari Nakamura, the author of the excellent children`s text: “English Land” (Pearson Longman) and “Hop, Step Jump into English”(RIC). She is a well-known teacher trainer.

If you could come straight from your home country to be trained and teach for Nakamura, you couldn`t do better. She gives numerous teacher training sessions all around Japan, writes educational articles, all the while she teaches young learns and trains teachers at English Square.

Moreover, Nakamura is a volunteer with ETJ (English Teachers in Japan) and is obtaining her MSc degree in Teaching English to young learners from Aston University.

If you would like to teach children, I feel starting at a school like English Square would be a fantastic start to a career in teaching at Good English Schools Japan.

English Square Homepage Email: English Square

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