The Greenlist of English Schools A-B

The Greenlist of English Schools A-B

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Good English Schools Japan

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Good English Schools Japan, there is an abundance of good schools here, but you will want to be sure you choose to teach English in Japan for a good English school and not for one of the mediocre or terrible schools, that also exist.

I hope our site helps you to have a great Japan experience!

Hopefully our Greenlist of schools will help you in your search by giving you a good idea of the kind of situation you will be teaching English in Japan in.

But you need to know what you want? How many hours do you want to work? Do you want to be friends with your students or not? Some schools forbid this? What is important to you?

(Pictured, No this is not an English school! You thought is was one of the big chain schools here! But it`s not! It is Abashiri Jail Bathhouse by Ian Griffin)

For me, if it is part-time work, I would like 3,000 Yen per hour or more. I pay a part-time teacher at time of writing 4,000 Yen per hour but transportation fees come out of that, so it ends up being over 3,000/hr.

For fulltime work you want to get a job that pays 250,000/Month or more, that is the standard and that is the amount immigration respects as well, so they are more likely to grant and renew your visa. Immigration feels you can support yourself on that salary.

If the school says, teachers are very important to us, but then offers you 1800 Yen per hour to teach, look elsewhere. They are dishonest. Schools like these are not worth your time, nor your skills. They are out to make money (at your expense). Steer clear of them.

Actions speak louder than words, and pay that is so low says much about how much these schools value teachers. If the pay is lower than 250,000 per month for a fulltime teaching position, run away. They don`t care about you. You are just a warm body to them.

There are many schools that do care about treating teachers well. The teachers who tend to get into a bad situations, tend to not have read websites like ours. They are usually the ones who just hopped on a plane to Japan.

Then they bitch about how rotten things are, ad nauseum at the forums on teaching here. As if all schools are like the sorry one they signed on with.

Check out the list of good schools at our Greenlist – on this page and the other Greenlist pages.

Need a Cheap Place to Stay in Japan?

How would you like to stay in a Victorian house for under 40 dollars per night? You can, in Kanagawa, Japan. Kevin`s Guest House is near many beautiful and interesting places. You can take day trips to Tokyo, Yokohama, Kamakura, Enoshima, the Izue Penninsula, Odawara and Hakone. It is located in Minmamiashigarashi. The house was imported from British Columbia. Learn more about

Kevin`s Guest House.

Good English Schools Japan – Tell us about your Favorite English School or Institution in Japan!

Hi, I`m Dave Johnson and I would like to know about your favorite English schools, universities, colleges or other institutions that teach English in Japan. I want to thank Kevin for giving me the opportunity to gather more information about which schools you think are the best in Japan.

People should know! And people should be able to avoid the bad schools by applying to the

good ones. Help someone out by posting what you know about some of the good places to teach at in Japan.

How do you choose a good English school in Japan?

We have all heard the horror stories of people who work in some nightmarish situations like some of those in South Korea or elsewhere.

Some of the work situations in Japan can be bad as well. We hope that this comprehensive list of good schools to teach for in Japan will help you to have a great experience while living here.

Who knows? If you are like me, you might even marry a great Japanese spouse and stay.

I thought I would only stay a year and I have spent almost half my life in Japan now.

Good English Schools Japan: This Site if BY Teachers FOR Teachers

Your opinions matter! Which schools do you think are good or bad. Why? Share your opinions!

Want to Stay in Japan at a Great House but still have Money for Breakfast?

Why pay the exhorbitant prices that some hotels charge when you can stay in a Canadian house that was shipped and rebuilt in Japan, and all for the cost of a nice dinner?

<img height=”1″ width=”1″ style=”display:none” src=”;ev=PageView&amp;noscript=1″&gt;

Rant or Rave! Voice YOUR Opinion!

Rant or Rave about an English School ,or give ratings on schools by commenting.

“Sometimes teaching for a small school is better.”

Good English schools Japan photo: A Kevin`s English Schools classroom in Kanagawa, Japan

This is a comprehensive list of good English schools to teach for in Japan. We hope this list helps you! Truly we do! My whole family hopes this list helps you! Even some of my friends too! Really!

Good English Schools Japan: What is a good school?

For this list, a good English school is one that cares about its` teachers and students. They charge reasonable fees to students, and pay their teachers a reasonable salary. Schools where the teachers tend to stay for a long time, and reports are generally good about the school.

No school will have a perfect reputation.

No company is perfect.

(Except mine of course….)

All of the schools listed here for various reasons, are good schools. I`m sure you can find some complaints about some of them. Yet overall they are good schools.

Good English Schools Japan: A 2 Z ENGLISH SCHOOL


1014-18, Higahsikiwa, Ube City

Yamaguchi Prefecture

Tel: 090-8242-3414,

E-mail: cortez18 at

Teaches from 3 years old to adults

Good English Schools Japan — A to Z Language School

Was established in 1980, AtoZ is based in Matsumoto-city, Nagano prefecture. We also have branches in Okaya and Ina, and offer positions throughout Nagano. Our teachers work with a range of ages, from children to adult learners. We also have lessons at local companies and provide ALTs to elementary, junior high and high schools. We currently employ about 45 foreign teachers from all over the world. Apart from English, we offer classes in Spanish, French, Chinese and Korean. We offer a competitive compensation package and extensive practical and cultural support to all our employees.

* Working hours: Monday – Friday / 8:15am to 5:00pm (holidays are according to the holidays allocated for the school) * Monthly salary: 250,000yen plus experience and qualifications. * Housing: Single-occupancy apartment will be provided at a cost with basic furnishings. * Holidays: Golden Week, 3 week summer holiday, about 10 day winter holiday and spring holiday – these are all paid holidays

Visit their Homepage

Good English Schools Japan — ALC Group

Sends Teachers to Companies and Schools to Teach English

I have known three teachers who have taught for ALC Group and I have yet to hear a complaint about this company. They send teachers to teach company and children`s classes.

Learn about the ALC Hiring Process and the ALC Interview.

ALC Interview

Find out more about the ALC Group at their website:

ALC Homepage

Good English Schools Japan — American World

Has a kindergarten and a pre-school, they also offer a holiday child care center for children 1 1/2 and older.

Visit the American World Homepage

Good English Schools Japan — Primary schools look for fun ways to teach English

From Japan Today

by Koji Kudo

TOKYO ¡ª Primary schools introducing English conversation lessons aimed at promoting international understanding among pupils have been increasing in number since the spring, but the headache for teachers seems to be they “don’t know how to teach it.”

As a way of coping, many schools have invited into the classroom staff members from private companies with specialized know-how in the field of English conversation education.

At Akasaka Primary School in the village of Chihaya Akasaka, Osaka Prefecture, in western Japan, Chika Kameyama spoke to one second-grader, saying, “Hello. What is your name?” Kameyama was sent from ALC Press Co, a company which publishes language education-related materials.

Behind the pupils stood some 20 observing teachers from the school, which has been designated by the education ministry as a “research and development school.”

The school will introduce an English course in the second term this year for all pupils and has asked ALC Press to cooperate because the company has wide experience in teaching English conversation to children.

Kameyama usually teaches only in English, but this time, she used both Japanese and English at the request of school authorities. She also used videotaped materials.

“The (teaching) tempo is fast and enjoyable. Instruction steps are also useful for us,” said a teacher.

The school began studying introducing English conversation lessons two years ago. “I have visited other schools and found there are many lessons solely left to assistant language teachers (ALTs) from other countries,” said Yoshiharu Inomoto, the school’s principal.

“Teachers in charge of classes should take the initiative in lessons. We would like to develop lessons which can be taught by them even in the absence of an ALT,” Inomoto said.

Teachers paid especially keen attention to ALC Press’ educational materials, and a company representative said, “It’s important to teach the pleasure of using English to pupils.”

Inomoto said, “The initiative in lessons is with the school, but companies have know-how which we don’t have. We will introduce everything which furnishes us with information.”

The ALC Press representative said, “This kind of occasion has merit for us in that it will help promote our popularity. We would also like to cooperate with the school in developing teaching materials.”

About 40% of primary schools throughout the country offered English conversation lessons in fiscal 2001, and the percentage is expected to rise further in the current fiscal year.

The Sakai municipal government in Osaka Prefecture has asked the private English-language school NOVA to work out an educational curriculum and to send lecturers to various schools in the city to help support ALTs.

A member of the city’s Education Board said, “Dispatches of lecturers with various nationalities will contribute to international understanding.”

Tokyo’s Shinagawa Ward has also asked a private employment agency to send ALTs to all primary schools in the ward at an annual budget of about 10 million yen. –Japan Today

Good English Schools Japan: Asahi Culture Center

Learn more about Asahi Cultural Center – ACC.

ACC – Asahi Cultural Center

Good English Schools Japan: 7Act

Rated Top School in Japan by the Oricon Rankings

Was rated the top school in Japan in terms of customer satisfaction. You can of course interpret that to mean that happy teachers, translate into happy customers as well.

Check them out at their website:

7Act Homepage

Good English Schools Japan: Altia Central

Is recommended by Genki, for which I have a lot of respect.

Altia Central is for ALTs but seems a little different. Check them out and read their philosophy on what teaching English to children is really all about.

Altia Central Homepage

Good English Schools Japan: Avanti Staff Corporation

Avanti is not really an English schools as such, it is more of an agency that sends teachers to companies.

A trusted friend of mine taught company English classes for Avanti. He was happy with the position and enjoyed his classes.


Avanti Staff

More about Avanti Staff

Avanti Staff Contact Information:

Avanti Staff

1-7-5-17F Sakuragi-chou Ohmiya-ward, Saitama,

Saitama 330-8669 Japan

Phone: +81-3-3539-3225

FAX : +81-3-3539-3288

Avanti Staff

E-mail Contact: Toru Honda

Avanti Staff offers:

Full/Part Time and Part-time positions

Salary from:

3,500/Hour The salary varies depending on experience and training.


They teach company classes at various locations.

English Level:


Japanese Level:



Native-level English level Must currently reside in Japan

Description of position:

Avanti Staff Corp. seeks part-time native English instructors for corporate classes in Japan.

*Must have proper visas and completed degree or diploma.

Good English Schools Japan: Banana Kids in Utsunomiya

A former teacher comments on his experience of teaching for Banana Kids:

“Hi Mike,

Just fixing something Kevin said about working for Banana Kids. It is true that I did work fairly long hours but I was payed for the long hours. Don’t be “put off” by that comment. The boss was an exceptional Japanese lady who showed great concern and respect for her employees. It was a great company to work for and a wonderful introduction to “living in Japan”.


–originally posted at Kevin`s English Schools Forum

Good English Schools Japan — A Banana Kids ad from a few years ago:

“Established English school with over 800 students seeks a full-time English teacher. Banana Kids is an English School that operates in the Tochigi and Ibaragi areas. Utsunomiya is a city 100km north of Tokyo and has a population of 500,000. We are looking for a teacher who is interested in teaching children between the ages of 3-12 as our students are mainly from this age group.

Experience is an asset but not vital and we will consider applications from both Japan and abroad. A Bachelors degree and a valid driving license are a must.

The successful applicant will be required to work a 40 hour week that will include a maximum of 25 teaching hours per week. The salary for this position will be JPY 250,000 a month. Furnished accomodation is provided by Banana Kids with the rent and utilities being the repsonsibility of the teacher.

If you have a bright and positive personality and are eager to experience life in rural Japan we would like to hear from you. Please contact us at: Contact Banana Kids English School Banana Kids English School


321-0132 Tochigi Prefecture

Utsunomiya City

Suzumenomiya 7-1-1

Tel 028-654-2833

Fax 028-908-4633

Good English Schools Japan — Beat Eikaiwa

This is Mr. Peter Carter`s school in the Kansai area. Carter is the co-founder of JINES, Japan`s Independent network of English schools. JINES like our site, has a list of good schools to teach for in Japan.

Carter also operates Beat Australia, which is a consultancy service for the business, education and training sector.

Beat Australia acts as a link between Australian and Japanese educational interests. They endeavor to provide increased educational and research opportunities between the two countries.

Both Beat Australia and Beat Eikaiwa would appear to be great opportunities for furthering you career in Japan.

Learn more about them at their homepage.


Beat Eikaiwa

3-22 Kanda-cho

Higashi Osaka-shi

Osaka 579-8058


Email: peter.carter at

Peter Carter, Network Administrator

Japan’s Independent Network of English Schools (JINES)

3-22 Kanda-cho

Higashi Osaka-shi

Osaka JAPAN 579-8058


Good English Schools Japan — Berkeley House Language Center

Since 1973. This small chain has schools located in Tokyo.

Berkeley House Language Center provided language education to Japan`s blue chip corporations, government agencies, schools and private individuals.

It is located in Tokyo`s Chiyoda Ward (Ichigaya). It is a nice “leafy” area of residential and commercial establishments.

“The streets are alive with students coming and going to Sophia University in nearby Yoyogi and professionals heading to NHK, Sony Music, and other top companies in Japan. As a teacher at Berkeley House Language Center, you can take advantage of the school’s prime location and enjoy the time between classes. You can have a leisurely lunch in one of the many restaurants…”

—from the Berkeley House homepage

Learn more about Berkeley House at their homepage

Good English Schools Japan — Bilingual Kids International Preschool

Is a private international preschool that uses the Reggio Emilia approach as its main teaching method. This approach has been adapted for the bilingual child in Japan.

It is a full day preschool operating in Tokyo`s Kishijoji area.

Tel/Fax: 0422-54-1898

Visit Bilingual Kids International Preschool`s Homepage

Good English

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