Teach English in Japan

Teach English in Japan at one of the BIG schools.

Teach in Japan for one of the Larger Schools

Pictured: Himeji Castle (courtesy of my students at Fuji Film)

How to walk into a job in Japan, get a working-holiday visa.

Teach in Japan: the Big Schools

The big school chains here, are like any large company you will work for back home. They are big and somewhat impersonal. You will be one of many personnel just like you would be back home.

Some find it feels lonely and they feel like a number at a large English school. I guess it depends on the person.

I enjoyed my colleagues for the most part. A few, I wish their mother had taken the pill.

But let`s not talk about Frank…..Ooops, now I`ve published his name!

Where do you want to teach?

Here is a list of some of the BIG or bigger English schools in Japan:

Aeon Inter-Cultural, USA

Email: Aeon

Learn more about this well known school.

American Language School–ALS


ALS Building, 7-11 Honchiba-cho, Chuo-ku, Chiba City, Chiba Pref. 360-0014

Tel: 43-224-0099

Email: ALS

Visit the ALS Homepage

One year contract, 25 hours per week

Salary: 250,000/Mth, 50,000 Yen completion bonus.

Your Opinion Counts! Rate an English School

This site is BY teachers FOR teachers. If you want to write an English school review or leave ratings on existing schools you`re in luck.

YOUR opinion counts!

Share your favorite school with the world or tell us about a school to avoid and why.


Want to teach in Japan at this famous school? There are opportunities for promotion as well as teaching positions.

Read more about this very famous school

A good friend of mine worked for Berlitz. First he was a teacher, then he was promoted to a managerial position and was making a great income and loved it. He quit to start his own business and wanted more free time with his growing family I think. He now teaches at a university but he has high praise for Berlitz.

ECC Foreign Language Institute

Email: ECC

Learn more about the school I taught for for nearly two years.

Pictured above a street in Kamakura and Below:

Yukiwarizakura by Devanshe Chauhan

EF Education First Japan Ltd.

Want to teach at an English School with branches worldwide? This might be a great school to get your foot in the door with.

Tel. 03 5774 6210

“EF Education First Japan President Junnosuke Nakamura said, “In Japan’s increasingly globalized environment, many people are now diligently studying English. There is greater focus on English in elementary and junior high schools, and companies are increasingly adopting English as their official language. However, in the Japanese education system, most English classes are delivered in Japanese as lectures, with little emphasis on developing actual communication skills. The resulting inability of many people to express themselves in English and actually communicate remains a serious issue. With English today being the international language, talented speakers will surely find themselves increasingly in demand. We will also see greater motivation to learn English as a result of Tokyo’s successful Olympic bid.”–Japan Today

You can even study Japanese at Education First.

English First has schools all over the world.

ELS Language Centers

Has English schools in the major cities of Japan.

TEL : 0120169686 / 03-3378-9686

FAX : 03-3378-9692

Email : tokyo@els-japan.co.jp

See the Homepage

Gaba English School

Gaba has branches all over Japan. They are famous for one on one private lessons, “Man to Man,” lessons.

Learn more about teaching private lessons for Gaba.

GEOS Language Corporation

Geos was one of the largest English schools in Japan until they declared bankruptcy in 2010. They hire abroad so they might be a good fit if they happen to hire in your city. “The GEOS Eikaiwa Group has subsequently ceased trading. After a successful purchase in 2011 the German based Sprachcaffe Languages Plus currently operates 11 of the former GEOS Eikaiwa schools under the ‘GEOS’ brand.” – Wikipedia

Learn more about GEOS Language Corporation


Incidentally is a good source of information on the BIG schools in Japan.

Wikipedia`s Main Page

At Wikipedia`s search function type in the name of the big school you are thinking of teaching for.

There are few if any small schools listed at Wikipedia, because they are too small to be listed.

ILC International Language Centre

They have schools in Osaka and Tokyo.

Tel: 03-5157-1701

Fax: 03-5157-1703

Visit their homepage for more information

Interac Co. Ltd.

Largest non-governmental provider of ALTs–Assistant Language Teachers to high schools and junior high schools.

Learn more about teaching for this school.

Interac English School was founded in September, 1972, Interac Co Ltd is committed to providing excellence in the fields of school, business, language, and cross-cultural training.


has open positions all over Japan at this huge recruiting/english school.

Language House–Shikoku

Is a very professional school on the beautiful and mountainous island of Shikoku. Shikoku is very beautiful–you can see that in the many photos we have of the island on this site. One of our writers has taught for Language House for some time and loved it.

Learn more about teaching for Language House on Shikoku

Nova G-Communications

Learn more about Nova English School

Once the largest chain of schools in Japan, Nova is a shadow of its former self.

Peppy Kids Club

Specializes in teaching English to young children. They have many small schools throughout Japan. My impression is you may have more freedom with this school than some schools in Japan as you may actually have to open up the school yourself.

You may be the only staff member in some of the schools.

Learn more about Peppy Kids Club

Shane English School

They advertise themselves as the British English School, but I know of Australians, Irishmen, New Zealanders and others occasionally working for Shane.

Learn more about Shane English School

Teach in Japan–the Oricon Rankings

Oricon only seems to rank the large schools; keep in mind there are many good small or smaller schools to teach for in Japan. See the Oricon rankings of large English schools in Japan

Teach in Japan — Smith`s English Schools,

There has been some controversy about Smith`s. You can read many of these opinions on the internet.

One Thing I Like about Smith`s is this:

Smith`s is one of a few schools to offer franchise opportunities at a price many can afford.

Read a review of Smith`s Schools of English

On Universe Academy, Heaven or Hell?

Universe Academy Review, UA is in Beautiful Kyushu, Japan

Located in sub-tropical Kyushu, Japan. They teach kindergarten 2-6 year olds and have a cram school as well. It looks like a great place to teach! Be sure to read the reviews by teachers – the links near the bottom of the page. Before you apply to teach at this school.

On blacklists of universities and English schools in Japan

To teach in Japan, you need a plan. Take an example from this famous man!

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