English Teaching at Japan Universities

English Teaching in Japan Universities

English teaching in Japan Universities: share YOUR stories of teaching in universities in Japan. Plus read the stories of others and comment on them.

Would you like to Stay near Hakone in a Victorian House imported from Canada?

…and still have money left over for a nice dinner.

Share YOUR stories about teaching at universities in Japan

Update 2016:

I no longer recommend that foreign university teachers come to Japan to teach English at a Japanese University. The employment situation is too tenuous now, the possibility of long term employment is a risk, and giving non-Japanese teachers tenure is extremely rare. The working conditions for university teachers continue to decline. So especially if you have a family, I recommend choosing a different country for university work. If you want to stay at a university long term, look elsewhere.

It is demotivating for teachers to give their heart and soul to teaching, only to be treated like so many cattle. There are other more positive environments to teach in than Japan, for career teachers. Top down decision making, and Japanese style educational management leaves many university teachers here burned out.

Until Japan stops practicing racism in the work place and racism in legal matters, I do not recommend teaching here as a serious long term career. Once Japan actually gets serious about internationalism and truly embraces the full meaning of that word, stay clear.

If you just want to come over for two years and see the country and teach, in an Eikaiwa school, Japan is still good for that.

As well, there are just too many university English teachers, clamoring for less and less, low paid work with poor working conditions. Unfortunately, at the moment, I do not see a bright future for foreign university English teachers in Japan.

Perhaps the Arab countries, Korea, Taiwan, Europe or China might be a better bet than Japan between 2015-2025?

I wish I could be more positive, and will update this section again if/when things change for the better or worse.

University teachers in Japan work under the shadow of a falling ax.

Creating confident creative conversationalists with communication circles

“I’m happy that my thoughts and insights… help folks. Really, that’s what teaching is all about…being there and encouraging students and perhaps changing their attitudes. This tends to be forgotten in all the presentations, articles, methods, etc. It is a critical thing especially for a culture like Japan that really has a lot of negative thought and also the highest rate of suicide in the world.”

–a Veteran English Teacher in Japan

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