Tips for Effective Resume Writing

Tips for Effective Resume Writing, you have about 30 seconds to a minute to make an impression on the personnel manager. Make the first impression a great one!

Have a great looking resume. Either make it yourself or have a professional service type one up for you. Make it look professional as schools, institutions and universities here are trying to hire professional people.

Keep it short and to the point. You are applying to teach English in Japan. Everything on your resume should point to that goal.

Include a photo, Japanese do for every resume they send out. It is just common practice here, so hiring managers will be expecting one, and not including one will make your resume seem incomplete.

*”Hey but we don`t do that in America.”

–Maybe you should stay in America then. You are not applying for a job in Ohio.

It isn`t done in North America to avoid discrimination in hiring practices. The photo isn`t used to discriminate between candidates in Japan. (That is the common belief anyway)

If you are inflexible about simple things like including a photo, I`m sure there will be many things you don`t like while living abroad. Every country is different, with different practices and customs. Enjoy the differences.

*State your objectives clearly, “I really want to teach English to children in Japan.”


“I would like to teach English to people of all ages and levels in Japan.”

*Briefly state your skills and experience

How can you add to the institution or school?

Tell them!

Be confident in your resume, convince the employer that you have the experience and skills necessary to be a good English teacher in Japan.

Learn about the institution and cater your cover letter to it. Include specific information unique to this particular school. The manager will be impressed that you have done your homework. Very few bother to, so you will be ahead of the pack!

Tips Effective Resume Writing

Top Things to Leave off your Resume

1. Unnecessary details about your life

2. Your job as a newspaper delivery girl/boy

3. How much money you would like

4. Anything untrue – don`t ever lie!

5. That you were fired from a job and why

6. TMI – Keep it short, managers are busy. Resumes should look good with plenty of white space. Crowded looking resumes with too much information get recycled.

7. “I`m applying with my uncle, girlfriend, boyfriend, Uncle Herbert, my pet dog Fido.” (apply on your own)

In 20 years I have thrown those “I`m applying with my boyfriend/girlfriend.” -resumes straight into the recycle pile.

Often we had only one position available, plus the applying together thing is a bit too cutesy for me. I think I am not alone.

It is unprofessional! And you aren`t right! You are a professional.

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