First Steps to teaching English in Japan

I am often asked, what are the first things one needs to do to come and teach English in Japan. We have you covered in our First Steps Section. This advice has come from many sources, with many years of experience in Japan.

How can you teach English in Japan or another Country?

What should you do?

Here is a step by step guide:

*Decide on which country is best for you by reading up on the countries. Some countries have lively, friendly people. Others are more conservative and quiet. Of course the climate is different by country.

*Get a University Degree–any degree is fine.

*Get some TEFL or other training

*Research Japan or whichever country you decide to go to.

*Can you get a working holiday visa?

*Save your money and research living cheaply in your chosen country.

*Study the native language of your chosen country–Japanese in the case of Japan.

*Volunteer teach in your hometown to get some valuable experience.

*You can try to get a teaching position while in your home country via the internet (by applying to jobs advertised at our site or other sites.) It is difficult to get a job this way though

*Even Better, go to Japan or the country of choice and apply for jobs once there. Take a lot of cash however. I came to Japan with 3,000 dollars – I took out a bank loan to come.

(I also had my job lined up beforehand.)

*Make Japanese connections by getting a job where you live that deals with Japanese people in some way.

(I was a program assistant in a summer program at Columbia College in Vancouver. I met hundreds of Japanese there and one of them helped me get my first teaching position in Nagoya Japan.)

Lastly – Don`t listen to criticism of your idea to go and teach abroad

Seems like a funny step to mention perhaps, but it will be one you need to get over. If you listen to the criticism and start to feel that they are right, you may gradually give up on your idea of leaving home to teach. I put off my dream for a year because of it. Don`t! If you have found this page, chances are, you are very interested in making the leap and soaring through life.

Many people won`t understand. Few have the chutzpah necessary to get up, and leave their comfortable situation in their town to move across the country for a job. Fewer still, are able to imagine packing up to go and work in Japan. Many will miss you and don`t want you to leave.

Face it, you are a bit different from the crowd, and there is nothing wrong with that. Welcome to the elite! –Those who see the world as their oyster and a place to explore. Dive in and get to know the locals!

Do I Need a 4 Year Degree to Teach English in Japan?

The short answer is no! You need that 4 year degree to get a work visa. If you can get another visa ie) a spouse visa, or a student visa, you can teach English in Japan. How much you are permitted to teach varies by the visa you receive.

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