PJ Nichols has Published his novel, Puzzled

An exciting announcement from P.J. Nichols (Most of you probably know me as Peter/Pete/Petey):

I have published my first novel!

The book title is “Puzzled” – it’s a cool adventure story about a group of junior high school kids. (While writing it, I imagined it being a combination of “Harry Potter,” “Goonies,” and “Indiana Jones.”) I wrote it for an audience of preteens/teenagers, but I’m sure adults will enjoy it too.

It’s currently available only in “kindle/ebook” form (I might add a paperback version sometime in summer). But you don’t need a special device to read it, as there are free downloadable kindle apps for computers/ipads/tablets/smartphones/etc.

Please check it out! I have put links below that will take you directly to my book on Amazon USA/Canada/Japan.

If you do decide to purchase and read my book, I have a favor to ask: after you’ve finished reading it, please write and upload a review to Amazon. (When a book has lots of great reviews, it attracts tons of new readers!) Your reviews can propel my book to become a bestseller!

All sales proceeds will go into my son’s (Justin – currently 8 years old) college fund. So you’ll get to read a fun adventure novel, plus you’ll be contributing to the future of the awesome little boy who inspired me to write it!

Thanks and happy reading!


P.J. Nichols

Amazon USA


Amazon Canada


Amazon Japan


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