Design Project: The Cheating Preventer

Goal: Design a machine that prevents cheating on tests by students.

Explain: How does it work? How is it Powered?

How do customers (teachers) use the machine?

Results: How does it stop students? What happens to the student?

Page 1: colorful front page- draw a picture of the machine.

Page 2: Explanation How does it work?

How to Use

1. First,


3. Next,

4. After that,

5. Finally,

Page 3: Results

What happens to the cheating student?

You can draw a picture if you want to.

Page 4: Recommendations

What do you recommend? Do’s/Don’ts

i.e) Don’t use this machine near water.

Background on this project:

The original idea came from a couple of colleagues. I’ve tweeted it.


*Sad we have to do this!

Of course this project is meant to be tongue in cheek. Not a serious Project!

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