Board Games help Teachers Reach Bored Students

Four students huddle around a table, brows furrowed, playing a co-operative First World War board game called The Grizzled. One plays the final card, and another lets out a triumphant shout. After 12 attempts, the students have finally beaten the game.


“We spent a whole week just trying to play it over and over again – we couldn’t beat it,” said Grade 12 student Jacob Lycan. But the students’ perseverance paid off.

Teachers Mark Biggar and Todd Goodman look on. The Grizzled has been an unexpected hit with their mixed-grade class at Thomas Haney Secondary School, as part of the teachers’ attempts to use board games to engage students.

Games are part of a broader change happening across B.C. schools, thanks to the education ministry’s recent curriculum reform. The changes added “core competencies,” focusing less on specific content that must be covered. As a result, teachers have more freedom to experiment with lesson structure, content and learning materials.

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PS This article comes from the university I graduated from.

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