6 Keio Students arrested for Gang Rape & Other Stories 


The Japan Today news story follows below:

By Jonathan Barlow

The soap opera that is Keio continues.
I taught at Keio High School in Fujisawa and some of my students had committed crimes as well. One was hanging out at Pachinko and it was rumored that his father beat him.  The police were aware of it. At Keio the administration seems quite intimidated by the parents . You see it’s a private school and the parents pay the bills.  We couldn’t fail students, I was told by the future head teacher. That was part of the problem there!

What’s it like to teach at Keio SFC?
Four of my former students ended up getting kicked out of Keio for shop lifting at convenience stores.

The grade I taught, grade 8 at that time, was notoriously bad.  Female teachers who had formerly taught them said they were regularly in tears.

I didn’t find them so bad. They weren’t the best students in some cases and one girl seemed sociopathic and manipulative to say the least. She was great to start the term. Then once I had given her a good grade she turned. Became quite evil (shall I say). Even bragged to the other students about how she had manipulated “Sensei.”  It was disturbing to say the least.

There always seemed to be a cloud hanging over Keio. The teachers there barely greeted me nor each other, and many seemed stressed.  One was borderline personality disorder. She would take on all of the tall Caucasian men,try to find something they’d made a mistake on, and bully them. I didn’t put up with that and gave back as good as I got. She backed off.

She’s quite famous. She has a Ph.D and has written many books. But she’s a bully too. Bullying is a huge problem in all walks of life in Japan. Many suicides are the result.

I’ve learned to fight back right away with most bullies and they back right off. People like that tend to respect other strong people. I never had any major problems with her after that.  I frankly think she needed some romance in her life. She was frustrated and took it out in a perverse way on men she found attractive.

One day the campus reeked of marijuana or something that smelled very much like it, after a staff party. I was a bit shocked, because Keio has such a prestigious image. Then you teach there, and the warts become apparent.  I quit after one year.

Japan Today:
Prosecutors in Tokyo said Wednesday they have sent papers on six male students of Keio University over the alleged rape of a student at a university facility in Hayama, Kanagawa Prefecture, last September.
According to prosecutors, the six students — aged 18-21 — were members of the Keio Advertisement Society, a group that organizes the annual Miss Keio University beauty contest each November, Fuji TV reported.
The girl, who is a minor, filed a criminal complaint, saying she was forced to drink large amounts of alcohol, including tequila, by the group, and then gang-raped. Prosecutors said the group gave alcohol to other girls as well on the night of Sept 2 at the Hayama facility.

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Update: December 2017

Charged dropped against The Keio 6!

It was reported that an out of court settlement was reached.

The Keio 6

Keio Student Youta Watanabe charged with Assault and Rape

In the news: Keio University student Youta Watanabe arrested for rape and violently assaulting the victim by repeatedly kicking her. Apparently he was third runner up in the “Mister Keio” beauty contest.

3 Keio Students arrested for Sexual Assault

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Education proposed to Eradicate Sexual Assaults on Campuses

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