On Gun Control, how about Bullet Control?

On Gun Control, how about Bullet Control?

The USA vs Japan:

In 2008, when the United States experienced over 12,000 gun-related homicides, Japan had only 11, or fewer than half as many killed Friday in Newtown, Conn. That same year in the United States, 587 were killed just by accidental gun discharges. In 2006 in Japan, a nation of 128 million people, only two were killed by guns.

  • Japan strictly controls guns- access to guns. It also strictly controls access to ammunition. Interesting. You do that and the crazies have to rely on other methods, push someone in front of a train, use a knife or sword, or use your car to kill. All horrible, but less deadly than a semi-automatic with multiple rounds or god forbid a machine gun.

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