On Getting in Shape

Losing weight is going slowly, but I am pumped because I am pumped. I am really enjoying getting in shape and look forward to going to my sports club. Tonight I lifted weights, then did a class called runners high, followed by another Latin dance/aerobics class called Zumba. I may have lost 1 kilo but was too sweaty to stop and check. Last night I lifted weights at my school and went for a jog.

So I am proud of myself for sticking with it and I know that as long as I do that it will lead to results. I am eating a normal breakfast and lunch but often have Carnation Instant Breakfast for dinner to lose some weight. I think with the aerobic activity at the gym and jogging, plus not eating dinner every night I will take off the weight and will be able to keep it off. I feel so much stronger, and carry myself differently. I also feel better and happier and perhaps the latter is the most important.

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Writer and teacher in Japan
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